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I’ve been working with UI5 over several years on multiple projects. During these projects, the system was not always on the latest UI5 version. We started with the version 1.28.xx, upgraded a year ago to 1.38. xx and just a few months ago to 1.52.xx . Over the years, we had requirements to upload and show PDF files in UI5 apps. Uploading the PDF files was not a problem, but displaying them was. UI5 has a PDF viewer but became part of the SDK since 1.48, .  This means that until a few months ago, my team and I were not able to use this UI5 PDFViewer. To solve this, I created a PDF Viewer Control on top of the PDFJS library which can be used in older UI5 versions. You can find more about PDFJS here:


PDF Viewer Control

Just add the control into a view or dialog and bind a PDF base 64 uri to it directly or after uploading.

A toolbar is included in the control with buttons for:

  • Zooming in and out to enlarge the PDF

  • Paging: the control only shows the first page, for going to the next page, you need to use the buttons

How can you use it?

You can find the control in a library of UI5Lab:

Get the library and deploy it to SCP or ABAP system like described here:

In that same blog is described how you can include the library into your project.

Load the library into your view and use the PdfViewer control. The PDF viewer control requires a base64 uri of an image as value and a height.
<pdf:PdfViewer pdfSource="{/pdfsource}" height="700px"/>

It can be used in a view or dialog.


As already mentioned, you can find it on UI5Lab with documentation, code on github and demo. You can also find a full demo here (view and dialog example):


Find more custom UI5 controls at UI5Lab:

This is also the place to share your own controls with the community!

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