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In this tutorial, we will build a simple SAPUI5 image background removal. User will take a photo of image they wish to remove the background and the result will be displayed after processing is done. If you have been using, we will be doing the same thing but with the minimum version.

There are three modules we are going build:

  • An SAPUI5 App
    A simple UI5 app as a front-end.

  • Background Removal Server
    A Python Flask server to remove the background.

  • Image Processing Server
    A NodeJS server as an interface between UI5 app and Background Removal Server



For UI5 app, I have modified the app from this blog, and added a SocketIO.

Change the IMAGE_PROCESSING_SRV with your Image Processing Server URL.
], function(Controller, JSONModel, MessageToast) {"Camera.lib.socketio");
"use strict";
var socket;
var oModel;

var IMAGE_PROCESSING_SRV = 'http://localhost:3000';
socket = io(IMAGE_PROCESSING_SRV, { transport : ['websocket'] });

socket.on('req', function(data) {"The image is ready now");

var aPhotosres = [];
src: data.base64
oModel.setProperty("/photosres", aPhotosres);

return Controller.extend("Camera.controller.Home", {
onInit: function() {
this.getView().setModel(new JSONModel({
photos: []

onSnapshot: function(oEvent) {
// The image is inside oEvent, on the image parameter,
// let's grab it.
oModel = this.getView().getModel();
var aPhotos = oModel.getProperty("/photos");

socket.emit('client_data', {
'base64': oEvent.getParameter("image")

src: oEvent.getParameter("image")
oModel.setProperty("/photos", aPhotos);

* Stop the camera when the tab is not visible.
* @param {object} name
* @returns {object}
onTabSelect: function(oEvent) {
var oTab = oEvent.getParameter("key");
var oCamera = this.getView().byId("idCamera");
if (oTab !== "demo") {
} else {


Background Removal Server

Clone the source code from

Copy u2net.pth from

Put that file in \models\u2net\

Copy fba_matting.pth from

And put that file in \models\fba_matting


Create the virtual environment with Python and Install the required libraries:
virtualenv -p python3.7 venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the server:

Test the server: http://localhost:8082/, check if you see the message "Background Image Removal".

Image Processing Server

Install the required libraries:
npm install fs http express request image-to-base64 body-parser cors

Run the server:
node imageprocessing.js URL_OF_BACKGROUND_REMOVAL_SERVER

node imageprocessing.js http://localhost:8082

Test the server: http://localhost:3000/, check if you see the message "Image Processing Server"

Run the App

Open the UI5 app http://localhost/openui5-camera-master/test/demo/index.html and select Demo tab. Click on video capture.

Wait until you get the message "The image is ready now":

Select Result tab to check the output:


Demo Video

I am running the app with CPU on my notebook. If you have GPU, it will be much faster.


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