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When You use FeedTile control in sapui5 and when you try remove Date from Feedtile control , for every image change in console you get date null error.

To avoid that Please Follow the below code:

//*****************************************IN VIEW********************************************//

var oImage1 = new sap.suite.ui.commons.FeedItem({

  title: "We Are Here To Connect !!!",

  image: "imgs/4i.jpg",

  publicationDate: new Date()


var articles = new Array();


var oFeedTile = new sap.suite.ui.commons.FeedTile({

  items: articles,


  // Create a container for the FeedTile with a specified height and width

  var oBorderLayout = new sap.ui.commons.layout.BorderLayout({width: "450px", height: "300px"}).addStyleClass("oBorderLayout");

// Add the FeedTile to the container

  oBorderLayout.createArea(, oFeedTile );

  oBorderLayout.setAreaData(, {

  size : "100%",

  visible : true


//*****************************************IN CSS********************************************//

.oFeedTile .sapSuiteUiCommonsFeedTileAge


  display:none!important ;


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