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Hello SCN Citizens,

Personally, I'm not a great fan of writing blogs. However, few instances in this UI space made me to write this blog.I'm not going to write something new instead going to echo fellow SCN members mind voice here.

In most thread, I have come across like below reply

  • Its working, Thanks for helping.
  • Some AAA has solved my problem. Closing this thread.
  • Share your mail id, I will send the code.
  • Mail me your code to

By mentioning "thanks or solved" in the word doesn't mean the thread is closed. Either click "Helpful" or "correct answer" as appropriate.It not only help the readers, it motivates contributors as well.Don't we have rules of engagement in this forum? (Personally, I feel Rules are meant to be broken :wink: , but not here)

Yes, we do have, but I don't know what's stopping you to follow this

How to ask questions in the forum?

Search Forum First

Why you need to search the forum first? You are not the first one who is having or facing the problem.The same questions might have asked and answered before.Search will give result faster than waiting for SCN members reply.

Show Some Effort

SCN members are always ready to answer your questions. It doesn't mean we are here to do your homework. A few instance as follows - I've a requirement and I want this this. Instead, tell us, I have tried this this and I'm stuck here. Please help me to solve the problem. In this way it will attract fellow members to answer your query and you will get reply quickly. Otherwise, there is a possibility; SCN members might skip your questions.

Share your code in jsbin

What is jsbin and Why you need to share your code in jsbin, refer kai2015 blog here

Mention Cross posting

Stackoverflow also have separate space for SAP UI5. Some users post the same question in SCN and stack overflow. We understand you want to solve your problem quickly and finish your development work before your deadline.So you are posting it in other forums. Experts might have answered the same questions in other forums.If you mention cross posting, it will help fellow readers to choose the best answers.

Avoid ASAP questions

SCN members are not paid to solve your problems. Like you "we too have project work, we too have deadlines." We are spending our personal time to answer your questions. Please do value our personal time.

Thanks for understanding and comments are most welcome.

P.S: Title credit goes to michael.appleby (updated)

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