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Hello Developers,

Welcome to a very short blog on a UX topic where user's browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

Considering the idea to design for 1%, if we consider users who have browsers with JavaScript disabled or not available(for "God knows why" reason), then in order to graciously handle the error, we can make use of a simple HTML tag.

The tag is <noscript>

Insert the content which can highlight to the end user when the browser's javascript is not available.

Place this <noscript> tag in the body of index.html file.

Then, to test, go to the Chrome -> Dev Tools -> Ctrl+Shift+p -> JavaScript -> disabled

Now, reload the UI5 application.

The HTML content in the <noscript> tag appears to the user instead of a blank page.

Caution: Yet to find a way to get the tag into fiori launchpad flp page.

Hope its useful.

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