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I took some twitter snapshots for each of the 3 SAP TechEd's to see trends, topics, and what everyone was sharing on Twitter.  For the graphs, I used SAP Analytics Cloud, with Smart Discovery/Smart Insights.

Text Analysis

So Barcelona location had more text types

Across all three SAP TechEds the types are shown above.  Of course, the main topic was #SAPTechEd

Top topics across all SAP TechEd's include analytics, RPA, ABAP, S/4HANA and SAP HANA


Mentions across all SAP TechEd's include SAP CTO juergen.mueller , the SAP twitter accounts, and who was at all SAP TechEd's.

Products mentioned include SAP Graph (announced at SAP TechEd), S/4HANA, analytics and the "intelligent enterprise"

People mentioned in tweets across all 3 SAP TechEd's (Fiori, AWS, companys aren't people) include Sven Denecken and Bella Rae, who was part of the SAP TechEd Barcelona keynote.


Las Vegas

SAP Analytics Cloud shows that most of us used the iPhone to tweet in Las Vegas.


Who had the most tweets in Las Vegas?

katarina.fischer and vitaliy.rudnytskiy were some of the top tweeters in Las Vegas

People mentioned in tweets include Mohammed Ajouz, SAP head of Support.

Top topics in the USA include ABAP, SAP HANA, S/4HANA, and others

Business Technology Platform, SAP Graph, Data Intelligence, Data Hub and S/4HANA were the top products mentioned in tweets in Las Vegas.


Interesting that the twitter for Android is the top used device for tweets in Bangalore.

Social Warriors account had the most tweets

Organizations (Texts like organization) - SAP was top, interesting to see the Community Lounge mentioned, and SAP Code Jam

Bangalore topics are shown above; interesting to see analytics and good fellas

It is no surprise that SAP CTO juergen.mueller was mentioned in tweets and sindhu.gangadharan as she is MD for SAP Labs India.

Products tweeted about in Bangalore - no surprise S/4HANA is top, Fiori, SAP Hana and the SAP Portal.

"People" text - looks like sven.denecken was mentioned the most; no surprise given that S/4HANA was the top topic



Twitter for iPhone was the most used device by far at SAP TechEd Barcelona

Top tweeters are above; some familiar faces including fred.verheul malin.liden and SAP Champion rasletta

Interesting that SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3 was a top mention in Barcelona, it was mentioned in the keynote by Gerrit Kazmaier

After the SAP accounts, it is good to see gregorw as a top mention in the Barcelona tweets.

Bella Rae, featured in the Barcelona keynote, was one of the top people mentioned (not sure why text analysis thinks AWS and Fiori are people).


For fun, I also recorded navigating the data using SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office (in beta)

So in 2019 S/4HANA was the hot topic (will it be in 2020)?  What do you think?

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