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As probably most of you know we will have SAPPHIRENOW next week. Next to some pretty interesting announcements from SAP, Microsoft is also having a big presence.

We have a booth, sessions and lots and lots of showcases & demos.

You can find us in booth #358. Together with several partners we will talk about how Microsoft can help SAP customers run their business even better. We have several customer showcases that talk about how running your SAP system on Azure can provide your business with more agility, more speed and reduce costs. Our in-booth partners will also talk how an "as-a-service" model can enable you to focus on the application and not on the infrastructure and patching of the systems.

Throughout the event we have plenty of theatre sessions scheduled: ranging from pure "how to get to Azure" or "how Microsoft IT runs SAP on Azure" to sessions that talk about leveraging Big Data, Analytics or other Azure features. I am sure there is something for you as well.


We will also have plenty of fantastic demos in which we want to highlight how SAP and Azure run perfectly together. Microsoft Bot-Services interacting with SAP, Power BI and HANA, Single-Sign On, Surface Hub & SAP Digital Boardroom, .... One of the demos will also be an enhanced version of our SAP Cloud Platform / Azure Cognitive Service demo from TechEd last year. BridgingIT was able to add quite a few interesting features in this showcase: we are now leveraging the SAP Translation Hub together with the Bing Translation Service to provide "ad-hoc" translation of the whole experience. We are using the Azure Cognitive Services for Facial-Recognition and Sentiment Analysis. And of course everything is running on the SAP Cloud Platform!

In addition to a lot of other great presentations from colleagues I have two session:

  • The core of all Microsoft and SAP integration is Single Sign-On. In the session on Tuesday, 3pm I will talk about different options on how to leverage Azure AD for Single Sign On.

  • My second session on Thursday at 3pm is about leveraging Azure Bot Services with SAP. Theobald has create a simple, but very nice demo on how you can leverage the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework to create a SAP Sales order.


Would be very happy to see you there!

One of the sessions that I am really looking forward to is the session by SAPs CIO Thomas Saueressig together with Microsoft's Mike Taylor. You might remember the announcement from last year that Microsoft migrates all of their 50 TB+ SAP systems into Azure (which is completed by now!) and is looking to migrate the first systems to S/4HANA. SAP on the other hand is busy migrating some of their SAP systems to Azure. I am sure both Thomas and Mike will share some interesting stories already! Don't miss their sessions on Thursday, 11:30


Sharing our own story on the benefits of running SAP on Azure is certainly important (after all you want to know that the vendort and the infrastructure provider "eat their own dogfood"), but hearing from other customers can also be helpful. We have quite a few customers that talk about their experience, like Malaysia Airlines or Deven Energy.


Malaysia Airlines

Slash IT expenditure by transforming core operations to an as-a-service model. Learn how Tata Consultancy Services Limited migrated Malaysia Airlines Berhad’s on-premise data center and critical SAP software to a hybrid cloud, replatforming the database and operating systems to SQL and Windows and migrating SAP solutions to Microsoft Azure.


Devon Energy

Meet Devon Energy and hear how the company is putting its data in the cloud to leverage the computing power of Microsoft and SAP. Saving money, increasing speed, and driving innovation are realities for Devon Energy.


Make sure to check out these presentations as well!


Finally another good summary of some of our activities can be found in this blog


I would be happy to meet some of you there. If you want a dedicated 1:1 meeting just ping me and we can setup something up.


Overview of other Microsoft Theatre Sessions at SAP SAPPHIRE


Tuesday, June 5th

Manage Enterprise Data Effectively in the Cloud or on Premise

Run processes based on trusted, relevant data with advanced solutions for enterprise information management deployed on premise or in the cloud. Find out how applications can perform quality checks on data entry using a cloud microservice and explore expanded support for Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Room: Platform PL403

Session ID: PL61090


Wednesday, June 6th

Avoid Cloud Lock-In with Multicloud Options

Innovate without constraints, using the cloud infrastructure provider of your choice. Learn how to simplify application development with numerous services delivered through SAP Cloud Platform and by taking advantage of cloud services provided by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Room: Platform PL401

Session ID: PL61230

Devon Energy, an Insider Perspective on their Cloud Transformation

Meet Devon Energy and hear how they are putting their data in the cloud to leverage the computing power of Microsoft for SAP. Saving money, increasing speed, and driving innovation is real for this company.

Room: Theater District: Theater 5

Session ID: E61579



Develop Your Digital Supply Chain of One Through Technology Innovation

Manage your supply chain more effectively and deliver to customer expectations. Meet  demand profitably through the digital supply chain of one and digital processes that  take advantage of emerging technologies: the Internet of Things, blockchain, machine  learning, and cloud.

Room: Best Run Theater

Session ID: BA61673

Stay Nimble for Customers by Becoming an Agile Business in the Cloud 

React quickly to changing customer demands thanks to the enhanced business agility  enabled by the cloud. Hear how the IT teams at SAP and Microsoft have helped  transform their businesses into agile and digital enterprises using SAP S/4HANA as their digital core, together with Microsoft Azure.

Room: Theater District, Theater 4

Session ID: PC62011

Transform Your Demand-Driven Digital Supply Chain

Embark on a journey to innovate your supply, response, and demand-planning  capabilities. Hear Microsoft describe the modernization of its supply chain with SAP  Integrated Business Planning and SAP Ariba solutions. Understand how it accelerated its time to realization and innovation with SAP MaxAttention services to help ensure a resilient solution.

Room: Theater District, Theater 3

Session ID: SE61354

Microsoft Azure accelerates your business transformation with SAP applications in the cloud

Learn how you can transform your business by gaining agility while savings costs with Azure’s hyperscale SAP certified infrastructure, innovate faster with Azure’s on-demand infrastructure and support for the largest HANA deployments (up to 20TB OLTP), optimize operations with business insights using Azure’s data analytics services, on a secure enterprise-grade cloud platform.

Room: Theater District, Theater 4

Session ID: ASUG11479


Thursday, June 7th

Achieve Faster Reporting and Month-End Close on Microsoft Azure 

Catapult your business transformation with a high-performance and scalable infrastructure. Hear how Accenture PLC achieved 70% faster management, forecasting, and consolidation reporting and 38% performance improvement on month-end close using SAP Business Warehouse, edition for SAP HANA, on Microsoft Azure.

Room: Platform PL411

Session ID: PL61444

Stay Nimble for Customers by Becoming an Agile Business in the Cloud

React quickly to changing customer demands thanks to the enhanced business agility enabled by the cloud. Hear how the IT teams at SAP and Microsoft have helped transform their businesses into agile and digital enterprises using SAP S/4HANA as their digital core, together with Microsoft Azure.

Room: Theater 5

Session ID: PC62011

Slash IT Costs and Reap Business Benefits by Moving to Microsoft Azure 

Experience on-demand scalability for the month-end close, enhance business continuity, and support a complex, multiproject landscape. Hear why Chesapeake Energy Corporation made the strategic decision to change its IT landscape to run its SAP solutions on Microsoft Azure.

Room: SAP Leonardo and Future Technologies LE521

Session ID: LE62846

Protecting Critical SAP Applications During Cloud Migrations

Security should be a vital part of all digital transformation and cloud migration projects to ensure the crown jewels are protected. Join Onapsis and Microsoft to learn how to ensure the critical SAP applications that run your business can be protected in each phase while your organization is planning for these complex projects.

Room: SE201

Session ID: E62874


ASUG Sessions:



Applying the Power of Azure Machine Learning to SAP IT Incident Management

Do you support thousands of SAP users in your enterprise? Come see how Microsoft IT gives time back to business users with a technology-based solution for triaging and routing user issues to relevant support staff. See Azure Machine Learning and Power BI in action, and learn how you can increase efficiency and keep your SAP users productive.

Room: S310F

Session ID: ASUG10420

Demand-Driven Digital Supply Chain Transformation with SAP Integrated Business Planning  and SAP Ariba Solutions

In a high-tech industry with ever-evolving business models and customer expectations, the supply chain needs to be fast, agile, demand driven, collaborative, and responsive to customer and business needs efficiently. Microsoft embarked on a journey to transform its supply planning capabilities with the SAP Integrated Business Planning solution and with SAP Ariba solutions.

Room: S330B

Session ID: ASUG11672

Microsoft Azure Migration Strategies for SAP Software

Learn about proven real-world strategies to migrate your SAP software applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Room: S310B

Session ID: ASUG10920

The Microsoft Journey: Central Finance and SAP S/4HANA – Lessons Learned

Learn about the Microsoft road to central finance with SAP S/4HANA in the Azure cloud. The presenters will share early adopter experiences and lessons learned, including the first steps towards a finance digital transformation journey with the universal journal. This was a cloud first approach to financial data leveraging Azure data services and Power BI.

Room: S320F

Session ID: E61573

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