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The SAPGetCellInfo function, when called against a SELECTION lets you provide a Filter parameter as a semi-colon delimited string of dimensions to be evaluated.

If you want to know the list of dimensions for a data cell, you can call the SAPGetCellInfo function in one of 2 ways:

'Method 1 - The Filter parameter is not provided:

vResults = Application.Run("SAPGetCellInfo", "SELECTION")

Or by specifying a semi-colon delimited list of dimensions that you're interested in:

'Method 2 - Filter is specified as a semi-colon delimited string

vResults = Application.Run("SAPGetCellInfo", "SELECTION", "MyDim3;MyDim2;MyDim1")

The order of the dimensions that are returned by Method 1 might not be the same as the order the dimensions appear in your Crosstab, so you might be tempted to specify the dimensions that you're interested in, in the order you'd like them returned, as in Method 2. The order implied by the order of the delimited string, however, does not seem to influence the order in which the dimension information is returned.

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