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While working on a log file monitor through CCMS I noticed that my CCMS autoreaction method fails to execute automatically. Only when triggered manually, the method succeeds.

Searching SAP Service Marketplace I stumbled on SAP Note 1736161 - Alert generated but no autoreaction executed-

The note describes how alerts are being generated but no autoreaction method is executed. It’s not a fix for sure but since the kernel of our SAP Solution Manager isn’t brand new either, I suspect this SAP note can be the solution to the problem I’m encountering.

The proposed solution is updating the SAP kernel and in the lower part of the SAP note, there is a SP Patch Level table which shows in which SP Patch Levels the bug fix has been implemented.

Now, my customer is running a SAP Solution Manager 7.1 on a 720 EXT 64-BIT UC which is not mentioned in the SP Patch Level list. At first sight you would think no patch is available for 720 EXT 64-BIT UC and an update to 721 EXT 64-BIT UC is required to solve the issue.

So how can you check if there is no patch available for the level your customer is on? You can check which corrections are in a particular package in the swdc area of SAP Service Marketplace.

Navigate to and call up the relevant kernel package folder:

Next to the packages there is a Info link. When you click on the Info link you will get the list of SAP notes which are parts of the package.

When I perform a search on 1736161 (the relevant SAP note number) I end up on (0.316) which means the correction is part of the dw package 7.20 EXT 64-BIT UC level 316 and higher.

This also means I’m not forced to update the kernel to 721, instead, the updated dw package can be implemented to solve the problem.

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