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Good news for all Workflowers out there.

Because of the massive support for the SAP Customer Influence program by our group (thanks to Sue Keohan), I got a flurry of emails today about Workflow improvements that have been delivered. There are probably more - I didn't sign up for all of them - but I thought I'd share these. Let us know if you received notification of any others.

"Admin: Debugging-mode for background tasks", submitted by florin.wach

Status: Delivered

"Allow WF Administrators?Developer to forward workitems to themselves", submitted by susan.keohan

Status: Delivered

"Chronological View in Technical Log as a User Setting", submitted by mark.pyc2

Status: Delivered

"Increase the number of lines in the condition editor", submitted by ?

Status: Delivered

***Edited to add some more (thanks to Ronen Weisz ) :

Adding additional functions for _WFSYST - for example 'concatenate',  this is still a workaround but a nice effort.

GOS improvements - the log will now auto-refresh and will be sorted by creation date and time!

You can now navigate to the FM directly from the event linkage (SWE2)

You can now enter the technical workitem display in one click.

Support for agent rule in SWDC

August 2015, I received some more in the mail:

Add workflow version to the Where-Used list

Automatic alignment of the workflow model

Thanks to everyone who contributed, especially those who submitted the requests in the first place.

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