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A few days ago the selection call Customer Connection for Workflow took place. Over 30 improvement requests have been scoped for development! And 15 more hopefully will be added if there will be development resources available.

Some have already been delivered and the workflow development team has released them as notes so they can be implemented without a SP upgrade (see SAP Workflow improvements - at last! ) my personal favorite of those is the addition of lines to the condition editor, look at it; there are more then 2 lines! :smile:

And I can't wait to see the rest of them: An option to edit the display of the decision task, logging and multiple substitutions, BADIs for forwarding and substitutions etc.

Dear susan.keohan , avi.rubin and peter.houterman (?), the development team has requested for incidents to be created for some requests and in it's description mention that they are part of the costumer connection (see page 16 in the presentation). 

You can see the presentation and meeting here


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