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I’m using the SAP Web IDE for a while now. Although every customer has his own SAP Web IDE account, the projects in my personal trial account kept growing. I’m using my trial Web IDE account for proof of concepts on different technology domains like UI5, mobile, IoT...

Over the years the number of projects have been growing and after some time it was almost not manageable anymore. Even on the Web IDE accounts of customers, I started facing the same problem as the amount of Fiori apps were growing. An example of my trial Web IDE (watch the scrollbar):


I started thinking on how to solve this issue. One of my ideas was creating subfolders. Another thought I had was using workspaces. In the past, you had a folder on top, called “Workspace” but it was not possible to change this nor create multiple workspace folders. Having the ability to create workspaces and switch between these workspaces would solve my problem, like you can do in Eclipse:

I raised this question to someone of the SAP Web IDE team and I got the feedback that it wasn’t possible BUT I could raise this as an idea on the idea place. So that I did:

I’m happy to see that SAP made the idea become reality. Since the last update you can manage your workspaces in the SAP Web IDE.

Reality: Workspace Manager

Go to Tools --> Workspace Manager

And here it is, the Workspace Manager 🙂:

Here you have the option to switch between workspaces or open them in a new window. It’s also possible to create new workspaces and/or delete them.

I really need a clean workspace so I’m going to create a new one with the “Create Workspace” button and give it a name.

Now, I have two workspaces:

Let’s open my new workspace.

Finally, I have an empty workspace that I can use and where organize my projects better?

Just as a side note, in the right upper corner or in the root folder, you can see which workspace that you’re working in:


I’m happy that SAP implemented this idea. If you have your own idea, create it on the idea place and maybe it will be implemented one day!


Hope you enjoy the workspaces.



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