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Efficiency in Back Office operations is critical to the success of any organization. For us at Walmart, being in retail this is even more critical and necessary to drive profits and increase customer satisfaction. One of our primary goals is to adopt all the right elements and bring systemic efficiencies to Back Office IT operations while continuing to deliver business applications more seamlessly.

                               SAP WebIDE has been a key enabler for us in brining the efficiencies that we are striving for by simplifying and streamlining the end-to-end SAPUi5/Fiori application development with feature rich tools that automated many development tasks.

                                In this journey, we realized there was a missing piece of the puzzle - "Automated Build process". This was a crucial element for us with the development teams spread across the globe. Compared to what we do today, starting from the build environment set-up (node server, NPM, grunt libraries) and keeping them up to date, on-boarding a new development team member and introducing them to the build process was an entirely time consuming and tedious process.

                                 But with the new WebIDE multi-cloud release this has completely automated and streamlined the process by integrating the build process into the IDE environment. This was the missing puzzle which automated our build process with a need for zero installation and maintenance. Few things that stood out during the process of initial testing:

  • Seamless integration with the IDE.

  • Entire experience of the process was excellent! Easy to follow build execution steps.

  • Detailed CLI logging so developers can troubleshoot if something goes wrong

  • Entire build process was quick and no performance concerns

  • Might require more details/education on the prerequisite structure of the project before we run the build

  • Message count is okay (where you provide number of error messages in build logs). But if you could provide the overall time taken for build process along with the breakdown on the time in each step of uglify, linintg, minification and others it will help teams to see where they need to be optimize their code

                                                    While we are still traversing the digital transformation path, we are eagerly waiting to adapt the new features and improvements of the tool. Remember it's always the small pieces that make the big picture. Thank you SAP Web IDE team for helping us fix the puzzle!

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