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After reading the post  by cstreubert2, I have decided to test vora live at

Once you have entered test drive site, very simple and well designed screen welcomes you with clear explanation.

In order to continue, you need to fill a form, Vora sales team want to contact you after your test drive, because form requires detailed contact information.

After succesfully registration, a verification is required by an e-mail in order to reach the test drive scenerios.

I have selected Vora in Retail. Once you have entered the scenerio that you have selected then the real challenge is started. Up to this part, steps are easy and intuitively, but after this step you need to open the guide provided by scenerio, otherwise you can not go one step forward.

Let me give some breif information to get maximum benefit from the test dirve:

  1. After you completed the application form requesting a test drive, they will create a small private network with a landscape of virtual machines. This landscape includes a Windows machine that you will use as your remote desktop during the exercise and machines running SAP HANA Vora, Spark, Hadoop and related components as well as a small SAP HANA instance. So be sure that your network lets you to go out by port 3389 to connect test environment by using Remote Desktop Connection. In my case I used my own mobile connection.

  2. Keep in mind that this environment will be deleted after 3 hours, so you'll have only 3 hours to test the environment. For my case 3 hours was not enough, I could not test as deep as I want.

  3. Plan your test drive according to your background or expectations, since
    the lab experience will have these parts:

    • Using Zeppelin to Define Vora Tables from data stored in HDFS, HANA, and AWS S3

    • Using Beeline to enable JDBC

    • Using Lumira to Visualize Vora and HANA data

    • Using the Vora Tools, especially the Vora Modeler

  4. I have spent more time in Zeppelin, so I could not test Lumira and Vora Tools, because my 3 hours time has finished. I was slow may be but the lab environment also very slow, I really don't know why.

When you have completed your planning most probably you have recieve an e-mail, saying that your lab environment is ready. This means your 3 hours of time has started, be hurry and log in your lab.

Enter the pass provided by email for user administrator.

If you see this screen you have succesfully reached your lab.

From this point your test drive has started, to reach further test areas, please please keep the steps provided by the scenerio. There are certain tasks that you need to complete such as:

  1. Starting all services by using Ambari, this took 10 mins in my case.

  2. Use Vora Manager to start all Vora services, this took 2 mins in may case, and was succesful at first attempt.

  3. Using Zeppelin, creating HDFS directory. Zeppelin notebooks that provide each of the steps needed to get data from the file system, define tables, and execute queries.

I have spent too much time using and testing Zeppelin notebooks, so I could not complete the test drive, once I have reached Lumira, my 3 hours of time has finished. So I strongly recommend you make a good plan again.

I'll launch other scenerios and test Lumira and Vora tools.

Hope helps,




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