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Hello ,

Have you ever faced below issues:

  • You are going to conduct an UX workshop organized for the client and you have to quickly make the prototypes to tell customer how the app will look like using SAP UI5 and you do not have enough time to create the required back end and middle ware component ready till the time so you stick with some JSON mockup data and you really felt the need more data and a better way to make this work.

  • You are designing a POC for a customer and backend and middle ware component takes too much time to develop and you just want the customer to see and get impressed with the UX and UIs of the new app they are going to get and using JSON mockup data in static files seems to be not the best choice.

If you have then there is a good news I can give you , there is a small attempt to create a local Database which can be perfect way to deal with the above challenges:

Local DB v01

is a small project just initiated which will allow you to make use of local storage as a local DB , local DB is tested in 2 application POC in chrome browser and it works like a charm :wink: .

The project is just started and there are many improvement to be done but you can use the version 1 here , document home is here and main usage document is here.

Any feedback and suggestion for improvement will be highly appreciated.

cheers :smile:


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