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SAP IDM UI - how to create custom UI for Reports:

In order to create a needed functionality  for a customer, I had to do additional development for IDM UI.

The case was:

  1. ·  I had to create a custom UI for  Reporting
  2. ·  The generated reports are : User’s data, Privileges attached to the users, Roles attached to the uses and report for the created  requests
  3. ·  Export Person Data:    
              • Ø Export Person is used to choose from a list with users
              • Ø File name is used to set the name of the file for export
              • Ø Check for export is used to specify the files for export
  4. ·  Export Privileges Data and Export Role Data are on the same principle as Export Person Data
  5. ·  Export Request is more complex, because of ValidFrom and ValidTo added to set a range for the report:

    1. What I did to create the UI above was:
      • I added a new entry(CCH_EXPORT_UI_DATA) to hold the information for this UI:

      • Because this is an Entry type that create a new entry, I have to add a mandatory
        attribute to hold a MSKEY  of the user executed the Report

              • Ø Only after the comment is added the user can successfully make a Report.
      • I added a couple of tasks to react on the check box(Check for export).
              • Ø If a check box is selected I have a script to check and execute a next task on TRUE, if not – nothing happens
      • I used a task to set the file name and the trigger that  exports the files
      • To make possible for users to search for a Person, I added in the attribute (in Attribute Values) a SQL query

              • ØIf you want to have a report for all user, you just execute the report with("_%” in the field – Export Person) and the
                generated files will have an information for all users.
      • The tricky part was how to export the correct data. So I added a flag to check, if
        the export is executed or not . If (yes) I deleted the  flag and for this report  won’t be generated more than one file.
      • For the file name I have made a script, to check if we have a file name, if not I generate one.
      • I have a problem also with a select made for exporting Requests, after I added
        ValidFrom and ValidTo attributes. At first, when I tried to set a date and
        export it, the exported data wasn’t correct until I made the attributes Data type - Datetime

      • Finally in the Job folder  I  execute the jobs that are exporting the files:

              • Ø As you can see here, Check for export  is selected, only this way you can generate a
                report for the needed  information.

Overview: A custom IdM UI implementation that allows you to easily export users, roles, privileges data to Excel. This includes a full export of user’s data (attributes from MX_PERSON entry type). Additionally roles and privileges can be exported with the respective assigned users to them


Hope you like it :smile:

Simona Lincheva

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