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Keyboard Shortcuts

Everyone wants to work faster by using shortcuts and we all used shortcuts in other applications like word, excel etc. But we can use Shortcuts in SAP GUI also.

This blog post covered some SAP GUI shortcuts which you can use on keyboard to avoid more use of mouse and covered few tips.

Prerequisite: SAP GUI should be installed in your system

Audience: SAP Business Users



  • Ctrl S : Save the transaction

I am sure everyone used this shortcut in word or in other applications, this can also be used in SAP as well. To save any work in SAP like saving the sales order or saving any master data, almost all use Save iconbut one can use keyboard shortcut i.e. Ctrl S.


  • Ctrl F : Find

This keyboard shortcut also we all have used in Microsoft applications, which is also available in SAP GUI. Suppose, someone is searching for any specific record in the file available in AL11 transaction; then one can search with keyboard shortcut Ctrl F instead of using Find icon

  • Ctrl G : Find Next

To continue search with next record, one can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl G instead of using Find Next icon

  • F1 : Help

F1 help can provide meaning of any input field.


  • F3 : Back from existing screen

To go back to previous screen, we generally move by this back icon, however we can use keyboard shortcut F3.


  • F4 : Open list drop down

To get dropdown list, put the cursor in the input field and press F4. For eg: If you are looking for order type to create a sales order, place the cursor on the order type input field and press F4. A dropdown list will open from which one can select order type as per the requirement.


  • F8 : Execute a report or transaction

To execute any transaction, report or program; we generally click on this icon, however F8 can be used as keyboard shortcut


  • Ctrl + : Create new session

IF you are working in a session or executed any report which is taking time to respond and meanwhile you want to work on other transaction; Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + which will open a new session to work on.


  • Ctrl / : To go to the Transaction code command field quickly on SAP screen

  • Ctrl ; : Creates SAP shortcut (transaction shortcut can be created on desktop or on launchpad)


  • Ctrl Shift P : With this one can save the hard copy of the screen which contain status text and pop-up as well

  • Alt F12 : For customizing of local layout

  • Ctrl F10 : To display User Menu

  • Ctrl F11 : To display SAP Menu


  • F4 opens the dropdown so if using for any date field this will opens the calendar, then with F2 one can choose today’s date.

    • F4 + F2 = With a combination of these 2 keys, Quickly filling out today’s date in a date field.

  • Alt Key : (underline character) : to move to the menu bar

You can see that every menu option in the menu bar has a character which is underlined. So here key denotes that underline character. (For eg: press alt y and get below screen)


To Call a transaction:

  • In the same session (window)

Enter: /nxxxx (xxxx = transaction code)

  • In an additional session

Enter: /oxxxx (xxxx = transaction code)

To End a transaction, use below transaction in the command line:

/n: to end the current session, /i: to delete the current session, /o: to generate a session list, /nend: To logoff from the system with a confirmation prompt, /nex: To logoff from the system without a confirmation prompt


Stop Transaction

If a transaction is taking too long to run, you can stop it by clicking on Stop Transaction

Create new session from in-process session

If a transaction is taking too long to run, and you want to open a new session to do work in parallel, click on New GUI Window


Shortcuts in Sales Order Screen:

  • F6 : Display customer master

  • F2 : Display header / item conditions (if cursor is at line item then with F2 item level will open and if cursor is at any header field then with F2 header level will open)

  • F5 : Display document flow

  • F7 : Display list of sales orders

  • F8 : Display material master

  • F9 : Select item row

  • F10 : Go to menu bar


Wildcard Search

While searching, many times we are not sure about the exact number, so SAP has provided wildcard characters to use, like * and +

* Substitute for all possible characters when searching

+ Substitute of single character for effective search.


Store Business Document (Creation Mode)

We all know use of SD_SWU_ACTIVE through which we can see 'Services for Object' option in change and display mode of sales order.

But if you want that button to activate in sales order creation mode then it can be done via maintaining SD_GOS_ATTACHMENTS parameter in user profile

These all about SAP tips & tricks. Hope this will be helpful in your day to day operations.
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