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While I have been in the SAP stratosphere for over 23 years I had never managed to attend any of the major SAP conferences such as SAP TechEd or Sapphire……until now and I have to say I am seriously pumped. Not only about the content that will be covered – and seriously great content it is – but more about the great people I will meet.

For those that know me I am active on Twitter which I only discovered quite recently (last 2 years or so) but I have a large amount of friends that follow me and support me. Some of which I have managed to meet in person but a lot of others I meet virtually on a regular basis. And as DJ Adams said to me recently – he feels like he knows me already. Such is the great SAP Community we are part of. While great already I firmly believe that we all together can make the SAP Community an even greater one.

I am really excited to meet the other SAP Champions as well and to talk about our future plans.

I jetted into Vegas yesterday and already I can feel the excitement building. Will register today and then get my agenda into line. When organising my agenda I have found it difficult to lock in sessions – there is so much great content that I am interested in but these main topics stuck out for me (by no means my exhaustive list!):

UX & Mobility – two topics I am really interested in and really keen on gaining more information about Fiori 3, the central FLP and the latest Portal innovations on Cloud Foundry. As you can see there are some seriously great sessions here.

Architecture – I am not only keen on checking out some of the various sessions on Cloud Application Architecture but also interested in having some discussions while I am here on how other organisations are transitioning to S/4HANA and how they are going with it. Also interested in finding out some lessons learned on projects involving SAP Cloud Platform.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) – I’ve seen a few demos on this but really interested in seeing this being embedded into daily business processes and especially Order to Cash given my background. Really interested in seeing the combination of SAP Cloud Platform workflow and RPA – booked a Hands-on session in this space!

Security – a lot of my experience with SAP Cloud Platform revolves around setting up the security of applications so especially looking forward to the security topics around Cloud Foundry. Have booked a hands on session in this area as well!

Integration – one of the most crucial elements for all organisations I believe going forward but not sure I can attend a lot of the sessions (as they have clashes with other ones) but interested in finding out the keys ways organisation can connect to API’s, manage legacy applications, and extend existing cloud applications seamlessly and without making their architecture look like spaghetti.

This of course does not cover half of the topics on offer with the following tracks available. Be sure to check out the various sessions within these topics.

I am particularly looking forward to the “Unconference” style sessions as well and even put my name in the ring for one. ? Already a great mix of topics including Architecture with AWS, Cloud Platform Integration grooviness, the sharing of experiences in S/4HANA and a session on HANA for non-techies which sounds interesting. Also looking forward to discussions with Craig Cmehil on SAP Community. My “unconference” style session is around how to produce specifications for apps built on SAP Cloud Platform as I am interested in other people’s experiences. Coming from a functional background where documentation is a massive part of the solution, I am interested in seeing what others do in this space with the aim of trying to compile documentation that makes sense to new applications being built.

Don’t forget to check out the SAP Community speakers (like myself :-)), there are some really good topics covered and for such a small time investment you are likely to learn loads. Here is a link to the sessions.

Lastly, for those heading to Vegas – I have 2 sessions back to back so come and check them out. The first one is my personal story (from SAP Community Obscurity to Developer Hero) and the second one around Landscape Solution Options and Architecture in the real world based on my experience architecting and developing applications in SAP Cloud Platform – not for the faint hearted that’s for sure ?!


Looking forward to seeing you and thanks for reading!

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