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I just returned from TechEd Barcelona and wanted to create a short wrap up for integration experts.

First, there were no big changes between Las Vegas and Barcelona, and not a lot of new things coming up. As for Process Orchestration, there weren’t many developments in either Las Vegas or Barcelona.

Here is the video i recorded while driving home (father was driving).

One of the topics that did come up was testing – how do we test integration scenarios, etc.– and obviously, it’s a topic I find quite interesting, since I do have a testing tool that makes it quite easy to test integration scenarios; if you want more about that, check out (Integration Regression Testing)

An interesting comment that did come up in Barcelona about the area of PO or PI, is that 40% of users are on the latest release, which SAP defines as 7.31, 7.4, and 7.5. If I remember correctly, 7.31 is 4, or 5 years old, so there’s not a big difference between the versions. But the thing I find most interesting, is that this means 60% are still using the old releases! Talking about a massiv requirement for migrationen to the newest release.

Also in Barcelona, there was some focus on HCI, HANA Cloud Platform, and internet of things and how they could be used. I think the biggest new development since Las Vegas was the introduction of, where SAP has their API Business Hub. There you will find a list of API packages that have been graded for different applications such as ERP, S4/HANA, SuccessFactors, and more. It’s a great place for Integration professionals to research the various tools that are available and to figure out what is relevant and what would be useful in different contexts. API hub also is an easy place to call the different API to see how it works and get code to call the API in different languages.

My thoughts go to the old Enterprise Service (ES) Workplace as a place where SAP Webservices was published. The good thing about APIHUB is that it give direct opportunities to try the APIs direct. The bad thing is that you may need the specified services or tool pack to call the API.

I enjoyed TechEd Barcelona, it was a good opportunity to meet a lot of European colleagues and friends and stay current with developments in the field. If you have any comments about what I may have missed, please post them!
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