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Hi everybody!

Like nine other community members I got the opportunity to speak at TechEd Barcelona. A big "Thank You" to the whole TechEd team and especially to katarina.fischer who supported me during the speaker application and preparation.

In my session Mass Customization in SAP ERP with Rule Frameworks like BRFplus I will show how to combine two existing SAP concepts to reach a more flexible system and avoid the creation of a bunch of custom ABAP code.

I'd like to cover the following 3 topics in my session and if you are interested in one of them you should for sure join the session:

  1. Mass customisation
    I will give a short introduction about the concept of mass customisation, show some examples and point out some of the pros and cons which are not seen at first glance.

  2. BRFplus
    The second topic of course is BRFplus as it serves as the central ruling engine in my shown solution

  3. Extending SAP variant configuration
    The longest but not very difficult part of course will be how to integrate BRFplus into the standard SAP variant configuration. First on a concept level and afterwards with a simplified example.

The decision for this topic was very easy for me. First I am a big fan of rule engines like BRFplus. As they enhance the user a lot in configuring his processes on his own and therefore decreases a lot of recurring coding adaptions - in other words, work that has be done by me as a developer 🙂

Second I was struggling in the beginning with the SAP standard variant configuration and while reading and posting questions and blogs on the SAP community space I noticed that I am not the only one. With the integration of the BRFplus a dive into the area of object dependencies, characteristics and user defined functions can be very exited and this experience I want to share.

For me its the first TechEd and I am grateful for the invitation to this event. Beside the thrilling opportunity of presenting my topic I am sure that I get a lot of valuable input of the numberless offered sessions.

Thus, see you at TechEd Barcelona,

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