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I must say I am seriously envious of anyone travelling over to the SAP TechEd 2022 conference in Las Vegas. I attended in 2019 and had an amazing time and I am really looking forward to getting back there again. Will lock it in for 2023!

For us Aussies the keynote starts at 4am and I have organised a Watch Party with colleagues to watch it - should be fun! Coffee will be plentiful 🙂

BUT before it starts I thought I would provide a few nuggets for those wishing to book in sessions. I am a lover of SAP BTP so most of the sessions will be BTP focused. I've put a mixture of sessions - some for those that do not know a lot about BTP - hoping to find out what all the greatness is about - to expert sessions delving into some of the main services and capabilities. Hope you enjoy!!

First session is for the inquisitive. I've always said - the more people "understand" the better they can build, support and maintain solutions - and solve real business problems. So, getting to look under the hood of SAP BTP will increase understanding and allow businesses to work through their use cases for possible solutions. This is a must attend.

A Look “Under the Hood” at SAP Business Technology Platform [XP102]

Architecting solutions on SAP BTP is alot of fun, well I love it anyway and am really passionate about helping customers construct simple solutions to complex business problems using SAP BTP. I am interested in seeing what this session offers. Some amazing solutions can be built using a combination of SAP BTP services so looking forward to this.

Consuming the Cloud with a Composable Architecture from SAP Using SAP BTP [XP109]

When applications are deployed onto the Business Technology Platform, it is not really a set and forget. There is constant monitoring, support and maintenance that ensues as is the case with any application - especially business critical ones. There are monitoring tools - and one of my favourite services is the Application Logging Service to help monitor CPU performance, memory usage etc. So with this in mind, I want to see what this session offers.

How Monitoring and Observability Work on SAP BTP [XP200]

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in one of the first SAP Work Zone projects in the southern hemisphere and every day I learn some new items I can add. Heaps of capabilities, endless innovation, amazing collaboration and some cool UI cards that can be built. Really excited for this one and also with my friend aviad.rivlin is presenting so I know it will be interesting.

Discover SAP´s Strategy and Road Map for SAP Work Zone Services [AD200]

Another nugget for SAP Work Zone, definitely not missing this one.

Extending and Developing with SAP Work Zone [AD300]

When Architecting solutions in modern day projects one of the main attributes I try and include is Flexibility! This means that the applications will stand and be used for years to come. I always try and build in flexibility to applications - use of the SAP BTP Business Rules service is my first go to. Easy to maintain, easy to include as APIs into applications and extremely powerful. There is really no limit on the use of BR in solutions. I am hearing the word composable solutions more and more so interested in hearing about this from a strategic perspective.

Architecting the Future: SAP’s Composable ERP Strategy [DT108]

With recent cyber security attacks occurring for companies in Australia - Security is front and centre and so should Securing applications built on SAP BTP. Security of front end applications and related services is paramount and this is a topic I am really interested and passionate about so check this out and learn how security and applications work on SAP BTP.

Operating Secure Cloud Applications with SAP BTP [XP105]

Believe it or not, but on major projects deploying applications tend to take up a fair amount of time. With multiple releases going on, bug fixing, testing etc there is a need to really control what is going on in all of the environments so as much of this that can be automated will save not only time but alot of worries! This is another MUST ATTEND for me.

Combining CI/CD with Transports for Speedy and Controlled Delivery [XP280]

In the same vein, DevOps is a major topic of interest for most customers so this session by boris.zarske  is another must attend. Check it out!

Overview and Latest News on How to Enable DevOps on SAP BTP [XP103]

At the moment most customers would be talking and possibly working on a transition to S/4HANA and what that looks like. With SAP BTP now a major and critical part of the digital transformation journey to S/4HANA it is good to know how to keep innovation going during this process. Rather than the normal boring "technical upgrade" approach, customers should be seeking at innovations they can put in place along the same timeline and with SAP BTP this is doable! Check out this session, sure to be interesting.

Intelligent Transformation Accelerators Using SAP S/4HANA and SAP BTP [DT119]

If you are in Las Vegas then you cannot miss a session with iinside - do yourself a favour and check this session out. How to Build Business Extensions and Implement Use Cases on SAP BTP [XP262] 

Another session to check out is this one if you are in Las Vegas - Build Robust Apps Enhanced with Process Automation and Low-Code Tooling [AD160]

Most of our projects these days involve the Cloud Application Programming (CAP) model so keeping up to date is paramount as there are innovations taking place all the time!

Discover the Latest Innovations in SAP Cloud Application Programming Model [AD202]

There are a heap of other sessions I am interested in including areas of Mobility, SAP Process Automation and of course the glue that sticks everything together - Integration. Here are a couple of other sessions.

Compose Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps on SAP BTP [AD181]

Leveraging Commands from “Piper” for CI/CD Setup with SAP Integration Suite [IN180]

All up, plenty of content to consume and most of all looking forward to the Keynote from my good friend juergen.mueller - cannot wait!

OK, now for some sleep!

Enjoy everyone!!!




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