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And another fantastic Teched!

My second TechEd as a Microsoft employee just came to a successful close. I have to admit that this time I had only very little time to listen to sessions -- I was quite busy presenting and talking to customer both in our Microsoft Booth and at the Developer Garage.

It started with yet another great keynote by Björn Goerke. Although not a movie-story it was a well crafted story where Björn guided us through one of his childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Following this story he talked about the Intelligente Enterprise and highlighted several areas out of this portfolio to showcase why SAP is ready to help customers with their digital transformation. Obviously SAP Cloud Platform played a major role with Open Connectors, Business Services, Functions and Robotic Process Automation. There are a lot of great new things to leverage!

Finally the new SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment or the open programming model were highlighted as well and will certainly help get more customers and partners to use the SAP Cloud Platform.

You can watch the full Keynote here.

Although talking about ABAP was not a key topic in our booth (BUT we did talk about the ABAP SDK for Azure :-)), we had a lot of traffic in our booth. We regularly ran "in-booth sessions" which drew a lot of attentions.

We talked about generic topics like SAP on Azure, Best Practices or deployment automation in Azure. We showed how you can easily spin up clustered environments on Azure that run a SAP S/4HANA System ( The only thing that you need to do is prepare the installation files.

We talked about further abstractions with Terraform and Ansible ( And of course also talked about the SUSE templates which allow you to setup SAP systems using SLES (


We also showed the integration with PowerBI and demoed how you can built beautiful dashboards connecting directly to SAP HANA.


What was also great were the partner sessions. In addition to NetApp, RedHat and others we also had SAP presenting with us.

There were some great sessions on how to run SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud on Azure or using the SAP Data Custodian model with Microsoft.

In the developer garage we talked about our SAP Fiori + Office integration scenario. mariusobert and iinside  had created a really beautiful, easy, but still powerfull tutorial.

Participants could sit down and run through the tutorial  In the end you had a basic SAP Fiori App which showed purchase orders plus related Emails -- all in one screen.

This scenario sparked a lot of ideas with customer and partners and I am sure you will see lots of enhanced scenarios in the future!


Finally I was honored to host an innovation talk about how Microsoft is using the ABAP SDK for Azure and with it also had first touch points with abapGit on GitHub in the ABAP world. I showed how Microsoft changed in the last few years

and what impact these changes had to the whole company.


Finally it was fantastic to meet with customers, partners and new and old SAP colleagues while hanging out at the Microsoft booth, the developer garage or in the speaker ready room. There is so much interest from customer & partner in both SAP and Microsoft and I am sure you will see much, much more from SAP + Microsoft in the coming months!


Stay tuned!

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