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SAP has developed a powerful tool to automate many administrations task like System start/stop, Kernel Upgrade, System Refresh, System Copy, DB copy, System movement, SAP/DA Instance provisioning, HANA DB replication administration etc.


I will cover System refresh through LAMA in this blog post. Below are the few bullet points manual procedure vs LAMA automation.

I will cover system refresh (restored Based) through LAMA in this blog post.

Restored based system refresh refer to database backup/restore method and this is available only for HANA DB. We have two way to perform this – we can use file system backup or use backint backup.

File system backup –

In this method we take DB backup of source system on filesystem and use the same to refresh target  system.  Application server configuration remain same.

Backint Backup –

In this method we can use any third-party backup tool which is certified by SAP. This Backup tool can be integrated with LAMA.

Please have a look on SAP Note 2905510  for more information on third party backup tool and LAMA integration.

Creating Configuration Repository for System Refresh

We have to create repository configuration in LAMA under infrastructure. This configuration holds the physical location of required software for different LAMA operation.

For Example – Kernel Upgrade (RKS), SAP Instance Provisioning, DA Agent Provisioning, HANA DB Upgrade, System Refresh(SWPM or DB backup location) etc.

Here we will focus on System Refresh Configuration only.

Open LAMA UI using below URL


Now navigate to configuration à Systems

Mount filesystem for backup and same  need to be maintain in source system and this should be mount on target system otherwise  we will have to copy this backup on target system.

Source System configuration

Target system configuration

System Refresh Procedure

  1. Choose Provisioning.

  2. Choose Systems from the tabs.

  3. From the Provisioning dropdown for the system, choose Refresh Processes -->Refresh SystemàRestore-Based Refresh

Now we will get below screen. Export directory will be used to export PCA task list data. Here we can maintain master password.

On next click we can find target system information .i.e. PAS and central services. Now validate this step and click on next.

Next screen provide all virtual host and network information of target SAP application and DB.

Next screen will provide information of application OS user.

Next screen will provide the information of HANA DB backup which we have taken on source system and placed on shared filesystem.

If we have not maintain DB user information in the configuration of target system then we have to provide DB user information here.

Provide new tenant system user password. Now run “Execute Prerequisites Checker” and check if everything okay.


Now click on next and provide information of ABAP PCA task lists which are  maintained on target system.

Now we are ready to execute the system refresh.

Lama will perform all steps and system will be ready for use.



SAP LAMA is very useful in large SAP landscape administration, and we can manage most of the operation centrally through LAMA. It will help to reduce human mistake and save man hours. We can execute multiple tasks in parallel and manage centrally.
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