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One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs is choosing which technology platform to use to create their products, applications, platforms, and companies.

Many entrepreneurs still do not know that SAP, the world's largest enterprise software provider, is also the creator of a number of new technologies and platforms that can be used by entrepreneurs and startups to create their new projects.

Many of the technologies offered by SAP today have free or very low-cost versions that can be used by early-stage startups to build prototypes or MVPs to validate their ideas.

Once ideas are validated and shaped, that is, when they begin to have a greater demand for technology, entrepreneurs can choose to become SAP partners or customers and use more robust versions of these technologies.

To get you started, you'll get to know UI5 (OpenUI5 and SAPUI5), SAP's technology for building applications that are based on open standards (HTML5, JavaScript, etc.) and offers a series of ready-made components and a cloud development environment so you can quickly and easily build your products.

You'll also see how to use SAP Build to create prototypes and validate your assumptions. SAP Build helps you test your prototypes with prospects or users, and it ultimately generates a portion of the UI5 source code to accelerate the development of the official version of your application.

We will also talk about SAP HANA Express Edition, a reduced version but with almost all the features of the full version of the SAP HANA database. You'll see how you can use this in-memory database, even with a cloud-hosted option (Google, Amazon, or Microsoft) to enable your application. The Express Edition, with a limit of up to 32GB of RAM, is free and can be used in conjunction with the other technologies that will be covered in the event.



You'll see the free online education offerings that SAP provides, such as the OpenSAP portal and the SAP HANA Academy. Both offerings can greatly accelerate understanding of the scope and use of the technologies you will be introduced to.



We will also talk about how SAP has been supporting entrepreneurship and startups through local and global initiatives and partnerships. In Brazil, there is the SAP Startup Focus program, as well as global partnerships involving the SAP.iO initiative and a partnership with the Founder Institute.






This event is focused on entrepreneurs or developers working on startups who want to know how to use SAP technologies to build their products. No prior knowledge of SAP technologies is required.


April, 26th 2018. From 7pm to 9pm.



Supera Parque - Ribeirão Preto (Brazil).



Please, click here to register.

If you have any questions, please contact us at





Douglas Cezar

Leonardo Cruz

SAP Developer since 2004, specializes in new SAP technologies that can be used to build new applications and digital platforms online.

Since 2015 has been working with the UI5 development technology and the SAP Build prototyping tool.

More recently he has been working on developing online and mobile applications that are used by companies using SAP technologies.

Passionate about entrepreneurship studied the subject for many years and today seeks to understand how entrepreneurs and startups use technology to build their business. He was part of the Founder Institute Ribeirão Preto cohort in 2016.


Systems analyst and SAP developer for the agricultural, industrial, financial, commercial and administrative areas.

Experienced in the new SAP technologies like UI5, HANA Express and how they integrate with Node.JS and other open source technologies.

Having worked on projects that use technologies focused on the development of restful APIs and Microservices, promoting the integration of these APIs with SAP technologies that have Open Source standards, free versions, or those with a very low operating cost.

He works as an SAP developer, developing solutions that connect to other solutions built on  MS. NET, MS Visual Basic, and MS SQL Server.






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