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SAP ST-PI and ST-A/PI patch update

Summary :-

This document will show you how to update the ST-/PI and ST-A/PI in SAP with help of service preparation check RTCCTOOL .

Author: Brindavan Mookaiah

Designation: SAP BASIS Consultant

Tabls of content

  1. 1) EWA report
  2. 2) Run RTCCTOOL
  3. 3) Implement the ST-A/PI and ST-PI

Step 1)

Check the EWA report about the ST-PI and ST-A/PI patch to update.SAP will recommend upgrading the new version based on SAP Application.

Steps 2)

Once if you able to see that the ST-A/PI & ST-PI  need to update and SAP recommeded. Then login into SAP and go to T-code SE38 and then execute program  'RTCCTOOL '.

Download the latest ST-PI and ST-A/PI from service market place

Once you downloaded  the required file(ST-PI& ST-A/PI) from market place and copy the file into the server. Mostly this file will be SAR file.

Login in to OS level with SIDadm and extract the file using SAPCAR.

,After  the files are extracted, place the files into directory "/usr/sap/trans/EPS/in".

Then login into SAP level and go-t-code SAINT --> click Installation package --> load package --> from appliaction server

click go back to the pervius menu and select the  ST-A/PI --> click start

Click No

SPAU adjustmnet can be done later. You inform to ABAP team to fix if any SPAU adjustment is there.

Once the ST-AP conmpleted successfully, then upadte the ST-PI.

ST-PI need to update in T-code SPAM

Login into SAP and go-t-code 'SPAM'

Then click Display/define--> select the compent ST-PI

and start implement once you select the complenet ST-PI and click--> support package ---> import queue

it will take 15 to 20 mintues to complete.

  once the ST-PI completed, Click--> support package--> confim the queue

Note: ST-A/PI need  to update in T-code SAINT and ST_PI need to update in t-code SPAM.

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