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Hope you had chance to read my previous blog regarding SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and Managed system as ABAP

In this blog I want to put focus on java system only that - How SAP solution manager work with Managed system? I will be talking about single stack AS Java system only.

As you can see in picture below I am trying to explain connectivity between java managed system and system data flow for configuration.

Let me explain you step by step

1) You have SAP solution Manager installed and ready and you have fully configured SAP Solution manager Reference documents : One Stop Shop All About SAP Solution Manager 7.2

2) You have managed system AS Java installed and ready

3) First of all, you need to register Managed system in to SAP Solution manager SLD or your central SLD where your LMDB in synchronizing

For java, you need to configure destination: SLD_DataSupplier and push data to SLD

a) In our example, I am using SAP Solution Manager LOCAL SLD

b) If you have multiple SLDs you need to make sure what SLD you want to use for PI SLD, Runtime SLD and Source for LMDB

c) Pay attention to SLD data synchronization and ranking.

4) Once you see your system is properly register in SLD it will automatically sync in LMDB within 10 min. using LMDB sync job. Job name: SAP_LMDB_LDB_*

5) Install SAP Diagnostic Agent in your Managed system. When you install DAA you need to register DAA in to SLD and connect it to SAP solution manager through P4 or P4S port.

6) Once you have DAA installed you need to update agent through Agent Admin and trust the agent. Config URL will be: https://host:port/smd/AgentAdmin

Note: If you configure Agent on fly make sure you configure Host first in order to enable agent on fly.

7) Now your Managed system is ready to be configure in solution Manager.

In all steps above I tried to explain how your system data get pushed to SAP solution Manager and this is almost same for almost all the systems including ABAP and Dual Stack systems.

Once you configure manages system AS Java during this setup you need to configure “Byte Code Adapter” in simple words this configuration is making sure that Wily Introscope is getting all system matrix from java system and it is connected to solution manger.

Wily is collecting, storing and analyzing JAVA system data to generate EWA and also for system monitoring.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any question regarding this document.

Yogesh Patel
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