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 Hi All,

Here I would like to explain some basic features of SAP Personas 3.0 and what are all the changes we can do for our screens.

Here I am using sales order Change VA02 screen for the demo purpose.

Initial Screen:

Features Added: (Details are listed below)

  1. Sticky Notes

  2. Start date

  3. Renamed ‘ORDER’ as ‘SALES ORDER NUMBER’

  4. Made order as mandatory

  5. Changes Button

  6. Sold to party button

  7. F4 help for Delivery

  8. Made WBS Element as read only field

  9. Changed Search Icon


Start Date:

This is a new field added to pass a date field value to another transaction.

Here on clicking ‘Display Order’ the screen is navigated to VA05 transaction.There we have default date mentioned. That will be replaced by the value we give in start date. So the value is passed from one transaction to another in this way with some minor scripting.

Changes Button:

We have  moved a menu option to a button in the screen area.

No changes in the functionality. On clicking changes button it will go to changes screen.

Sold-to-party Button:

Here on clicking sold to party button it will give the respective sold to party number of the document we enter in the sales order number field.

This is done by minor scripting:

F4 Help for Delivery field:

For F4 help we need to add details in PERSONAS/ADMIN in Search help

Standard Message text change:

In VA02, we have modified the popup message which comes after the initial screen.


Item Screen:

  1. Validate Delivery Plant Button

  2. Update custom Table – Standard table is also possible.

  3. Hidden Procurement Tab

  4. Rearranged Fields in Reason for Rejection

Additional validations on standard fields:

1.Validate delivery Plant Validates Delivery plant field. If the Delivery plant field is empty then it says Plant is empty in an information message.


We have validate delivery plant button on th screen. On clicking this we can validate plant entered in Deliver plant field. This can be obtained by scripting.

2.Update Custom Table/Standard table:

By giving Values in filed it will update table in SAP on clicking Save ZTABLE_PERSONAS which is created for testing purpose. Same can be updated in standard table using BAPI or other methods.

This is done by using Function Module. To use function module in SAP personas it need to be maintained in the PERSONAS/ADMIN


3.Hide unwanted tabs (In this case- procurement tab)

4.Reason for rejection column was rearranged

Header Changes:

Original Screen:

POC Screen:

Features Added:

  1. Transaction Button

  2. Website button

  3. Rearranges entire screen


  1. On clicking transaction button it will directly go to the transaction which we assigned to the button. Here we are calling custom transaction ZPPN0022 for POC purpose.

  2. HOn clicking website it will navigate to the website we provide here I have used SAPYARD.COM for POC.

For this we need to include the website details in /PERSONAS/ADMIN transaction under URLs tab.


Users Assignment:


Provide user name and APPID/TRANSACTION

Under flavors tab -> flavor management -> VA02

Goto assignments tab and click on add user and add user

Click on the user and make the flavor as default. You can also use Roles from right side to control it from Security and authorization perspective.


Hope this blog give the basic knowledge of the Personas.

For more details about how to get started with SAP PERSONAS, check below link.


In my next blog I will explain how we can achieve this features and how we can debug our script which we include for scripting button.


Vasudha Ponnaganti.
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