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This SAP Road map webcast will provide an overview of SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3 and hybrid analytics. BI4.3 introduces a number of new capabilities to enable hybrid analytics use cases with SAP Analytics Cloud Understand hybrid analytics where SAP Analytics Cloud and BI4.3 can work together.

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Legal disclaimer applies

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Where analytics fits in the overall SAP portfolio

Brings together "X + O" data

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Seeing changes in spending patterns

New IT spending is moving to the cloud, includes analytics spending

SAP innovations are moving to the cloud

Customers have made an investment in BusinessObjects


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Hybrid investments; worked with Forrester, customers anticipate landscape will be hybrid

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For analytics area, 2 large investment areas

  1. BusinessObjects Enterprise - BI4.3, reuse elements within cloud

  2. SAP Analytics Cloud

Ensure 2 worlds co-exist

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Continue invest in on-premise suite, "sweet" spot include large scale publishing

Innovation investments are SAP Analytics Cloud

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SAP Analytics Cloud element, BusinessObjects, and content can be leveraged across landscapes, such as the universes

SAP Analytics Hub/Catalog - to access all analytics content

Source: SAP

Can run BusinessObjects in the cloud, on 3rd party infrastructure layers or in HEC or single tenant with subscription licensing

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Protect existing investment through extend Analytics program and cloud extension policy

"Right size BusinessObjects landscape"

BusinessObjects 4.3

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Currently BI4.3 is in beta.  Launched beta at end of 2019, over 180 participants, are planning BI4.3 to make it GA in Q2/2020; going forward SP1 release end of 2020

Good feedback so far on beta, quality of performance and UX changes

Pushes out maintenance window to 2027 for BI4.3

Source: SAP

A single Web Intelligence client

New WebI client, HTML5, no Java, more streamlined approach, new look and feel

Full parity with Java Applet and Rich Client

Source: SAP

New flexibility, share and reuse Web Intelligence documents to build new documents in SAP Analytics

Web Intelligence data model can be reused


Source: SAP

A power user can create those queries, complex calculations

That document can be shared

End user can get data without going through query panel

Source: SAP

New chart types

Source: SAP

WebI can be consumed everywhere

Source: SAP

Crystal Reports updates

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Enhance live universe connection - improve performance, add support for universe metadata types

Source: SAP

Use WebI as a data source to SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP

Continue to improve installation, update, and deployment process

Lower cost of deploying BI4.3

Simplify deployment to infrastructure providers (Azure, Amazon, etc.)

Source: SAP

Web application to put together administration workflows

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End of life for some applications

Consider joining this upcoming webcast here.

Source: SAP

A summary of what is coming for BI4.3

Question & Answer

Q: How can I participate as part of Beta Procedure.

Q: Can you use WebI as a data source to BEx query?

A: need to verify

Q: Will there be more releases of BusinessObjects?

A: GA in Q2, SP1 at end of year; plan to look to what is needed for further releases

Q: Analytics Hub vs Analytics Catalog  - what is the difference?

A: Analytics Hub is current product name, version, going forward, embed capabilities into SAP Analytics Cloud  - new name will be Analytics Catalog going forward; Analytics Catalog will release in a few quarters



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