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This was a live SAP Road Map session, presented by SAP's  matthias.kraemer02  at last week's Sapphire.

This session covered the following items:


  • Strategic road map

  • Planning and analytics

  • Analytics cloud

  • Office add ins

  • Overview of latest achievements

  • Future, next

The road map disclaimer applies that future items are subject to change.


Note I do not have the actual slides, so these are photos from the session

Figure 1 Source SAP

Planning and analytics as a core tech to sap

Integrate into solutions

HANA cloud database

SAP DataSphere - rename DWC, part of database, data management strategy


Extended analytics

SAP and all non SAP together


Figure 2 Source SAP


Growing business, analytics


50K have taken SAP SAC OpenSAP courses

Thousands attend courses

 Figure 3 Source: SAP

Nice mobile app

For store managers

Figure 3a Source SAP

Integration to line of business; composable

Nice content packages for S/4HANA  finance


Composable BI

Smaller parts

Use widgets, build in operations

Figure 4 Source SAP

Recent highlights

151 innovations

Working with DSAG on the backlog

Call external APIs from planning, triggering API - back to SuccessFactors

Figure 5 Source SAP

Figure 6 Source SAP


"Just ask" in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Google like query prompt

Figure 7 - Just Ask Demo

Type sentence

Data analyzer - deep dive in datasets

Just ask, add to watch list, get an alert on home page

Build in Just ask in SAC

Most interaction for business end users

Data analyzer will be integrated in S4 group reporting and Datasphere

Unified story - run for 15 months


  • Classical dashboard design + designer

  • Catch events

  • Brought together

  • Unified experience

  • Switch scripting, for power users


Multi device editor

Theming now in

Show table switch - 2 lines of code

Data change settings

Figure 8, Source SAP

Performance Improvements

  • reduce loading times, cache, reference dashboard4

  • Optimized view and design experience, “fast mode”

Figure 9, SAP Demo

Outlook add in; ask questions

Inside stories are the widgets

Figure 10, SAP Demo

Will have the full SAC client in Outlook, with slice and dice

Integrate into PowerPoint as Outlook and Teams and already have Excel integration

Planned for Q4 this year

Figure 11, Source SAP


Figure 11 shows the evolution of story client

Figure 12, Source SAP

Figure 12 shows the key priorities for 2023

Integration to Datasphere

Office add ins

Unified story

Future - "just ask" with data analyzer


Figure 13, Source, SAP

Future includes integration with PowerPoint

Describe - using Justask

Writes executive summary

Using large language models, SAP plans to connect chat GTP, Google Bard into SAC

Integrate API with Chatgpt - can you optimize dashboard for me?

Source: SAP

SAC/ Datasphere integration, analytical model

Road map shows SAC and Datasphere journey

Connect planning closer to it


SAP Analytics Cloud is the second largest on SAP Community after S/4HANA; every Friday Matthias's team answers questions


I am glad that some ASUG sessions such as these were off the show floor.

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