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Philip Mugglestone from the SAP HANA Academy examines how to do post and pull requests for SAP River applications in Python.

Philip stresses the importance of using a CSRFtoken when making any sort of a request in Python besides a get. Using the CSRFtoken in the header ensures that a unique id is generated and used in subsequent requests. This way the sever recognizes the id and prevents impersonations. 

Philip details the aspects of his python query. Philip’s explains how adding the CSRFtoken value into the first header variable enables the identification token to be passed in for all future subsequent requests.

Philip shows how to add a new user with a post.  After entering the CSRFtoken in the header and the proper URL, Philip uses a JSON payload to insert the new data for the user.

Next, Philip shows how to use a put to update the data for an entity. Philip details the code needed to run an action in the application and shows how to call a delete.

Philip then examines what is returned after running the action in Python including the different HTTP return codes.

Philip’s tutorial video explains how to enter and change data and run actions for SAP River applications in Python.

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-Tom Flanagan

SAP HANA Academy

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