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This is continuation of my previous blog to create XSD structure through php tool SAP Process Integration XSD Tool Using PHP

This blog will explain to create a JDBC document format required in PI for various JDBC Scenario like Insert, Stored Procedure  and INSERT_UPDATE using PHP.


  • Basic knowledge of PHP.
  • Basic knowledge of SAP PI.

Tool Overview

JDBC Format XSD Converter tool is mainly developed to reduce the effort of manually creating the data types in SAP PI.

The Converter tool will take the input as a CSV file.

The CSV file contains the list of nodes to be created in SAP PI with element name and data types.

We have different format for each scenario like Insert, Procedure ,Insert_update respectively.

The CSV file should be similar to below template format.

SAP PI JDBC Format XSD Tool Using PHP -  Browse /Readme at


  • The code will read the entire CSV file and generate the XSD file in database format which contains elements with type like integer, string, date etc...
  • After downloading the tool, extract the CSV_XI_DB_XSD zip files to the root folder /www/
  • We can access the tools main page through  - http://localhost/CSV_XI_DB_XSD/upload_csv.php
  • Select the appropriate template (maintain CSV) to load for creating insert or procedure structure.
  • Upload the CSV file using Browse option and provide the details like IR- data type name, namespace, table Insert/procedure name and select the XSD structure.
  • After submitting we can get a XSD file.
  • We can import the XSD file to the Data types using the import file option available in the XI middleware tool.
  • Created XSD file can be imported into SAP PI.

  • After importing we can add / edit the elements manually if required.
  • INSERT_UPDATE structure - adding keys to the structure wont support for now.

Installables can be downloaded from

Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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