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This was an SAP webcast last week with some good question & answer - see below:

SAP Predictive Analytics: Leverage Domain Expertise with R Extensions Q&A

Q: Is Predictive Analytics in Cloud for Analytics?

A: not yet. Wait for a few weeks and you'll see some announcements

Q: What about algorithms called HANA R-xyz"? Do they automatically come with HANA as well?

A: Yes, that's right. "HANA R" components contain R code execute server-side. Hence you must have an R-Server added to your HANA environment.

Q: Are all the algortihms also available if you do not connect to a HANA but use data from an Excel input or BW?

A: Yes they are.

Q: Can I consume the output of an R function with design studio or SAP dashboards?

A: The process flow in Expert Mode can write the output into a HANA table. Design Studio, Lumiry, etc could pick up the data there to share with a broader audience

Q: Are users allowed to load any R library needed in an R component? Any security mechanism?

A: The R extensions can load any library installed on the R-Server next to HANA. Typically the library install on that server (at least in production) needs to be done by an Administrator

Q: Can we integrate the custom charts coming from the R Components into the Visualize, Compose & Share rooms ?

A: the charts from r extensions are currently restricted to the Predict tab. This feature has been requested by others and submitted here. Please add your vote


Q: what's the value of running the R script thru PA vs just running in R?

A: You can create new components for less experience users, making sure they dont have to code R themselves. They can easily configure the logic through ie through dropdowns. Also, with HANA the code is executed server side (ie no traffic to your client).

Q: Can SAP Predictive Analytics read data directly from SAP HANA or BW or BPC or ECC?

A: Yes, SAP PA can read from HANA, BW, ECC and lots other sources, for instance BusinessObjects universes or Hadoop

Q: Can it write back to any of those systems?

A: PA can write to HANA, flat files and through JDBC to databases

Q: Can you post links to the documentation?

A: all Analytics documentation is on

chose SAP Predictive on the left side


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