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Introduction :

In this Blog Post, you will learn about Worksoft Certify as an Automation Technnique and how it can be integrated in Multiple work areas including SAP Portal Testing Automation.

What is Worksoft Certify:

Worksoft Certify is a test automation platform which is used in many work areas for the purpose of automating Manual tasks. This solution helps companies to ensure business process continuity to function as designed. The software is SAP certified for integration with SAP applications.

How Worksoft Certify Works :

Worksoft as a technology provides solutions which are coded once and needs to executed on a Remote Desktop via a Job Scheduler. Once the Scripts are created it just needs to be scheduled to run at a particular date, time and the results of the scripts can be evaluated in case the Script fails.

The scripts can be created in the following ways :

  • Select the ‘Button’ to be clicked via LiveTouch Option.

  • Create a series of steps to be combined into a Process.

  • The tab opened can be confirmed with a ‘Verify’ page option.

  • You can also skip a certain step and ask the flow to Jump to another step similar to an If Else Test condition.

  • In case the step fails, you can redirect the Worksoft to take the screenshot of the failed step.

  • Dynamic Wait can also be used in case the Webpage takes time to load due to slow network connections.

  • Close the already opened Tab/Browser by passing the text in the header of Tab/Browser.


Example of a Script Automation Using Worksoft Certify :

Now let us take an Example of how Worksoft Certify Works for Login/Logoff from a SAP Portal. Below is the Script which will execute :


Step 1 : It’s a comment just to inform the user that the script will work as a Login/Logoff script.

Step 2 : It is a collection of steps together to form a process which will Open a Web Browser à Go to the link of SAP Portal by Entering its web address à Put the credentials of the user à Go to the Home page of the SAP Portal.

Step 3 : It will click on the ‘Finance’ tab available on the HomePage.

Step 4 : Captures the Current Screen in order to evaluate later if needed.

Step 5 : Again this is a collection of steps which acts as a Process. It will click on ‘Log Off’ button on the page and press ‘yes’ to confirm Logout. Finally the logout page will be closed.

Step 6 : Captures the Current Screen in order to evaluate later if needed.

Step 7 : Again it follows the Login Page process to login to the Page.

Step 8 : Captures the Current Screen.

Step 9 : Waits 10 second for the Entire page to load properly.

Step 10 : Press the ‘Operations’ tab on the Home Page.

Step 11 : It selects the First row in the Operations table.

Step 12 : It clicks on the Log Off button available on the Home Page.

Step 13 : Captures the Current Screen.

Step 14 : Clicks on ‘Yes’ button to confirm logout.

Step 15 : Checks whether the Webpage contains ‘Sign Out’ caption.

Step 16 : Captures the Current Screen.

Step 17 : Repeats the Login Process again.

Step 18 : Repeats the Logoff process.

Step 19 : Closes the Browser.


Conclusion :

Worksoft Certify is an Automation technique which can reduce the manual testing of SAP Portal to a great extent by eliminating user interference. For different upgrades that happens to the Portal, one needs to manually test it for its functionality, using Worksoft can save time as well as Manual effort thus improving the overall efficiency.
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