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In implementing an integration project, I had the requirements to develop a JMS to Soap XI scenario, I had a challenge that the message on the JMS sender side had a SOAP envelope, but not my sender interface structure (customer requirements).

My approach was to intercept the incoming message, route it to an XSLT mapping where the SOAP Envelop can be removed, then run it through a graphical mapping.

An error message occurred

No sender agreement configured that matches the message's header fields Sender party: "####", sender service: "B ####", interface: "##########", receiver party: " ", receiver service:" ")

Error reason

The main reason for the error is that the PI / PO runtime tries to determine the operation of the service interface, this has to be compatible the the XML root element of the message.
In this case it is incompatible because of the SOAP envelope.


The best practice is to change the sender interface, but if you can not for any reason, check out the 2 solution below.

Solution 1: For Integrated Configuration

If you are using integrated configuration the solution would be => ICO -> Inbound Processing => remove the Software Component Version of Sender Interface.


Solution 2: For NWDS IFlow

If NWDS - IFlow is used for the configuration, do not touch the related integrated configuration (ICo), because this can lead to inconsistencies which, in turn, cause errors that are not traceable or can not be solved.

Step 1

For the Sender Interface you can define a dummy interface.

Step 2


For better monitoring and logs define dummy interface as it is a normal interface (Same name + Namespace).

Step 3

Here is the tricky part if you automatically press yes, you can not assigne a mapping.
So you have to "no", it is hard to understand that you can get away with it.

Deployed and it wants work as expected.

I hope this blog was helpful to understand how the get a message succefully routed to the Mapping, despite the incompatibility of the incoming message and the outbound interface structure.

Thank you

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