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Hi experts,
This time I want to share another experience regarding to the SAP PO B2B add-on, in certain scenarios you may need to use version & messages that there are not present in the SAP PO B2B add-on, and unfortunately the official SAP answer is "do it yourself using message editor" part of the SAP PO B2B add-on, that answer could fit if you have 1 message to add and you want to take the risk to do it all manually, but if you have 30 missing messages you need another approach( automation!!!!! ).

Message editor:

Message details:

I was investigating why SAP force you to do it manually via " message editor", and I discovered that the "b2b" file that you import/export in/out of the EDI content manager is "encrypted".

So for most of the people that is enough to start to doing it manually or apply another solutions( java mappings or whatever a developer imagine to make it work ).

My personal approach was to see how to the encryption& decryption of "b2b" files works in the system, and what kind of data is part of the "b2b" files, after understanding them, it was pretty easy to build a custom tool to generate "b2b" content files to automate the generation of EDI messages for the SAP PO B2B add-on.

This custom tool is capable to read EDI message definitions from an external middleware, map the segments, fields, hierarchy of the messages generating a unique "b2b" file to be imported in your SAP PO system in just one click.

My questions for SAP are:

-Why did you encrypt the "b2b" files?, why did you close a powerful door to automate the import of the EDI content into the SAP PO B2B add-on?.

And just a few questions for the SAP PO consultants reading this:

-Did you have this issue?, how did you solve it?( manually?, java mapping?, creative solution?).


Not forget be curious! ?

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