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Hi experts,

This time I want to share my experience between the SAP PO B2B add-on & SAP Analytics Cloud, we'll see how you can execute analytics on your B2B messages from SAP PO to get the following results:




The concept is:

  1. Extract B2B data from SAP PO: using a SOAP WebService

  2. Publish an OData V2 service in CPI: using an OData service artifact in SAP CPI via cloud connector to use our B2B SOAP WebService extractor as a existing data source

  3. Analyse the B2B data in SAP Analytics Cloud: using SAP Analytics Cloud via a model consuming the B2B OData service extractor

So, let’s begin:

1.Extract B2B data from SAP PO

if you were following my latest blogs related with the SAP PO B2B add-on( part-1part-2) then you should know that the dynamic properties are the cornerstone of the SAP PO B2B add-on, and you can use them for your analytics via user defined search:

  • Using UDS for TPM runtime data is described here

  • All the parameters exposed by the SAP PO B2B add-on are here

  • The procedure to configure UDS is described here

B2B message monitor:

After that you configured the UDS, you will find a new tab in the message details, with the attributes that you want to use for analytics:

To extract the UDS attributes you can use the standard SOAP WebService called “AdapterMessageMonitoring” operation “getUserDefinedSearchMessages”:

As you can see you must to specify all the fields that you want to extract and the value, you can noticed that using the value “*” you will search for all the values 😉 , but the response message is not so “friendly”, for that reason I created a simplified service interface hidden all the mandatory parameters and restructuring the response message:

And finally you can get the WSDL file from the B2B SOAP WebService extractor:

2.Publish an OData V2 service in CPI

In SAP CPI you can create an OData service artifact to expose your B2B SOAP WebService extractor as an OData service:

The detailed procedure is described here

After run the wizard using WSDL file exported previously from SAP PO you will see the EDMX file:

You need to map the SOAP WebService “Operation” to the OData “action”:

And finally you can perform small adjustments to the auto generated Iflow like mappings and adapter configuration:

Deploy the OData Service artifact:

3.Analyse the B2B data in SAP Analytics Cloud

Now that we have our B2B OData service extractor we can use it as a source for our model in SAP Analytics Cloud and build "Stories":

First we create a connection to SAP CPI:

We fill all the data of our deployed B2B OData Service extractor:

It’s time to create a model using as a data source our B2B OData service extractor:

After that you created the model, you can run an import to get all the data from our SAP PO system:

Finally you can create a Story using our model to perform analytics on the B2B data:

Not forget be curious! 😉

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