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We have installed successfully PO 75 in my previous Part2, Part3, and Part4. Now lets see what are all the post installation steps.


  1.   SCS, Database Instance and Application Servers are successfully installed.

  2.   Took Online/Offline Backup as per your company's policy for this system. If we run into any issues we have a place to go back, we don't want to start all over again 🙂

Post Installation Steps:

1.  When we login into NWA for the first time after successful installation we receive error "Error: Remote access to the NetWeaver Administrator is forbidden."

Go to this file and disable all the lines and restart the system will resolve this error.


2.   If required patch your system using SUM. Patching is not part of this tutorial.

3.   Do Initial Setup:

Login into NWA with Administartor account and go to the path: Configuration --> Scenarios --> Configuration Wizard --> Click on Functional Unit Configuration UI

Now select Process Integration and Orchestration Package --> All dependent components are automatically selected. If you want any other components you can select as per your requirements.

Click on Enable Automatically

Give Master password.

Specify the Primary Application Server and SCS with fully qualified domain name in the below screen:

In the below screen we can use the same Master password or separate passwords for all PO Service users. In my case I have chosen: Highest use unique passwords.

Click next in the below screen:

In the below screen specify the SLD details:

Click Next in the below screen

Specify to use Local or Central ESR in the next screen:

Specify we want to enable or disable Integration Gateway Component:

Click Next

Specify the SLD connection details in order for POF to register:

Specify the Timezone:

Specify the Mail Server details in the next couple of screens else ignore and click on Next.

Click on Next in the below screen:

Click on Next in the below screen:

It will finish all the steps and shows us the below screen:

This completes the initial setup.

Login into SLD and make sure POF technical system and Business system INTEGRATION_ENGINE_JAVA_POF is successfully created.


4.   Install Permanent License after adding the new POF system into SAP Market place and downloading it.

5. As per your company's requirement you can install JDBC Drivers for SQL, Oracle etc which is not covered in this blog. We have enough docs on this. So I am skipping it.

Once these steps are performed system is ready for development and ready for connecting to other SAP and Non SAP systems.

With this we have completed all the Part of this Series. What we have seen is downloading the stack XML and installing the PO system in a distributed landscape along with Post Installation steps. Hope this will be handy to all the PO Developers and Basis Administrators.


Good Luck to you all !!! Please kindly do share your comments either positive or negative my fella friends.
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