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PI/PO Developers not only like to do end to end development but always would like to see or want to know how does an end to end installation be like. When I searched for any new installation specific to PI/PO I could not able to find. Hopefully this will help to some personnel who are in search of it.

Scenario:  Install PO 75 in distributed landscape like SCS, Database and application servers on separate hosts and configure Post Installation steps.

In this series of blog posts what we will see is:

Part1:  Create Stack XML file for PO75 Java only System and download the necessary Software.

Part2:  Install SCS.

Part3:  Install Database Server

Part4:  Install Primary Application server & Additional Instances.

Part5:  Post Installation Steps.


1. Linux administrators created VMs for SCS, DB and App Servers. In my case they are named as pofscs00, pofdb00, pofapp01 and pofapp02

2. Necessary File mounts are created.

3. S User exists with necessary permissions to download software.


Create Stack XML File:

Now lets dive into Part1 of the series of how to create a Stack XML file for PO75 Java only installation.

1.   Login into SAP Maintenance Planner using url:

2.   Click on Plan a New System.


3.   Click on Plan in the next screen

4.   Select System Type as JAVA (Install a JAVA system) and give the SID in my case it is POF and say OK.

5.   Select Install an SAP NETWEAVER System and select SAP NETWEAVER 7.5 and click Next.

6.   Now Select the components for PO75 system and click Confirm Selection.

7.   Now select Add Ons what you would to install along with the new installation and click Confirm Selection.

8.   Selected all the required components for new Installation and click on Next:

9.   Now we need to select Kernel, SAP Host Agent, SAP IGS, SAP JVM, SWPM and SUM. All these are specific to OS and Database so please make sure we are selecting the right OS and DB.

10.   Please click on Confirm Selection and make sure the components we selected are right and click on Next.


11.   Select Next and select option to Download Stack XML file and click on Option Push to Download basket.

12.  Download all the files from SAP Download Manager.

This completes Part1 of the series. What we have seen in this part is Create a new Stack XML file, download the necessary software.

In Part2 of the series we will see on how to install SCS Server.


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