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There has always been a common requirement to Start/Stop the communication channel externally. The blog Control Communication Channels Externally without using RWB (Control Communication Channels Externally without using RWB) introduces to HTTP GET or POST method to control channels and this one Start/Stop a communication channel from an ABAP program using the external control switch (Start/Stop a communication channel from an ABAP program using the external control switch) guides the ABAP implementation to control channels.

In this blog, I will discuss an alternate way of achieving this. SAP PI by itself has an Webservice(WS) to control the Communication Channels. IChannelAdmin is the WS that can be used to Start or Stop the communication channel. This has not been documents and so was not known. To view this web service, login to Single Service Administration http://<host>:<port>/nwa/ssadmin and look for the Service Definition IChannelAdmin. To create a Web Service Client you will require the WSDL file which can be downloaded from the WSDLs tab.

Now I will show how to test IChannelAdmin to Stop Communication Channel using Web Service Navigator. Login to http://<host>:<port>/wsnavigator

Step 1 & 2 : Select the IChannelAdmin Service and choose stopChannels operation.

Step 3 : Give the Communication Channel name, service, party, language and test Web Service.

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