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I have previous created videos about which session at Teched I was looking forward to. I know this has been helpful to some people, so I decided to make a video about the session I was planning to see. So now for this SAP Teched Season I have created a new view (not the best edited or filmed video, since I’m in a hurry).

In summery it is the following sessions (I know not everybody will have time to watch my video):

PMC202          A Deep-Dive into the New Features in SAP NetWeaver Process Integration

Would you like to know what features have been shipped with the latest release of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI)? This session will focus on new integration scenarios that can be deployed on the Java-only deployment option of SAP NetWeaver PI. Learn how the new Eclipse-based tooling in SAP NetWeaver PI has been enhanced to substantially reduce overall total cost of ownership (TCO) for integration developers. Furthermore, this session will provide you with a quick outlook on where this technology is heading.

PMC262          Complete Process Integration within SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

With the latest release of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, you can now model and configure integration scenarios completely within SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. The enterprise service browser perspective allows you to define your data types, message types, service interfaces, and mappings in the enterprise services repository. For configuring your integration scenarios, you will make use of the process integration designer perspective to graphically model integration flows covering standard functionalities such as receiver determination, interface determination, and applying mappings. In addition, you will also learn more about advanced features such as extended receiver determination, usage of function libraries in mappings, and the automatic generation of integration flows based on your already existing process integration scenario models.

PMC265          SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration, Business-to-Business Add-On

SAP has released two add-on solutions which run on SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration and provide the capabilities for on-premise electronic data interchange (EDI) message exchange. This hands-on session will help you to understand how to configure and use different components provided with this solution.

PMC819          Road Map for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration          Q&A Road Map:

This road map session provides an overview of the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration portfolio. It shows where we are and where we are heading to in the areas of process orchestration, B2B, as well as in the cloud integration space. 

EXP399 IFG survey results for SAP PI

In this session we will go over the IFG (International Focus Groups previous GSIG) for SAP PIs result. In the spring we asked a lot of members the current state of PI. The session will cover both the survey result aswell as the requirement process.

EXP060          Expert Sizing of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration

Expert sizing method and principles for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration

Also be sure to watch alexander.bundschuh blog on the same topic 

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