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SAP PI/PO is a powerful integration platform. It has kept it's governor position over the years and became the superior middleware in our SAP world. However new player has joined the game - much stronger and flexible - SAP Cloud Platform Integration. No surprise more and more customers decide to switch to the new platform.

It is a challenge however. How to migrate currently running interfaces smoothly and efficiently? Especially when you have hundreds or even thousands of them?

Few months ago I had the pleasure to work with engswee.yeoh on SAP CPI testing functionality in Int4 IFTT. In this post he describes how Int4 IFTT accomplishes above goal and gives a sneak peek into technical details. In this article however you will learn how Int4 IFTT can support migration to SAP CPI.


Migration with Int4 IFTT

On the below picture you can see a typical migration scenario. The old landscape represents SAP PI/PO we want to migrate to SAP CPI landscape, which is the one at the bottom. How are we going to proceed in this situation?


  1. Collect test cases based on current solution. Test cases will be quickly created based on currently posted documents and corresponding input and output messages.

  2. We start building the new solution in cycles and migrate interfaces to the new landscape. During the proces we continnuously run previously created test cases as business requirements are unchanged. Third party sestems are virtualized and do not need to be involved in testing the solution.

  3. Int4 IFTT compares automatically EDI/iDoc/Proxy messages or business documents between created ones and references on the old solution. In the last stage it will create reports with potential differences.


Want some more?

If you would like to learn more on SAP CPI migration with Int4 IFTT you are welcome to enroll in the current openSAP course Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT. In Week 2 Unit 3 I will be talking about SAP CPI migrations in detail - I will present a real-life scenario with migration from SAP PO to SAP CPI to new landscape with AIF (Application Interface Framework).

In week 3 Unit 4 you will learn technical details how Int4 IFTT tests SAP CPI and how working with the tool actually looks like.

None of participants have reported any nightmares after watching videos with me so I highly encourage you to join the course.

What's more Int4 will be running a booth at TechEd Barcelona. We hope to see you there!

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