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Reason to Write Java Map:

In one of the client projects there was only one inbound EDI interface and client was not ready to invest in  SAP B2B Addon or Third-Party Adapter for only one interface.Hence java map was used to achieve this functionality.

Bank sends an EDI 824 file to SAP PI/PO through SFTP,this file needs to be converted  and mapped to a proxy.This was handled using a java map.

Attached  file " "  contains complete java map used in this scenario.


  1. 1) Idea on Java mapping using DOM.
  2. 2) NWDS studio.
  3. 3) SAP PI/PO  Java Mapping  Jar file(

Input  EDI  Structure:

Below is sample Input EDI data  which will be passed to Java Map:

ISA*00*          *00*          *ZZ*              *ZZ* *130605*1906*U*00400*000000026*0*P*~~GS*AG*202691093*Receiver*20130605*1915*1000258319*X*004010~ST*824*0001~BGN*11*999999999999999999*20130605*192907*02*000000725**U~N1*BK*Bank of ~PER*CC*BOM EDI/EFT OPERATIONS*TE*312-461-6185 OR 2352~OTI*GP*FI*9999~OTI*TA*TN*6700000391*202691093**20130605*1810*000258319*0001*824~REF*TN*6700000391~AMT*OP*500~OTI*TR*TN*6700000390*2026991093**20130605*1810*000258319*0001*824~TED*848*Data error~SE*11*0001~GE*1*1000258319~IEA*1*000000026~

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