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Hello community SAP.

Purpose of this blog post

In this blog post I will show you how can you work this a new communication channel tool in order to start or stop a channel in SAP PO from a SAP ABAP Program.

My system

My System: SAP S/4HANA 1909 and SAP PO 7.5


SAP Note relevant

2691666 - How to extract PI Communication Channel list



  1. You need to create a new program in the sap transaction SE38 as you can see in the developer system.

Write the name of the program, change the Attibutes/Type as "Executable program" and click on SAVE

In the following window you can select a Package and a transportation request or you just can select Local Object.

2. Paste the following code and activate it.





3. You can now run the program.

The program take the name of SAP PO, port and the user from the configuration as you can see, just write you private password.


If all is OK you can see the list with the complete details of the communication channel.


You can see the C.C Total in SAP PO and their Status.

  1. If you do double click at one channel you will get a message from the system in order to reject or approver the change of status.

  2.  If you do doble click at the first green line you will get a mesage in order to reject or approver starting all the Communication Channels.

  3. If you do doble click at the second red line you will get a mesage in order to reject or approver stopping all the Communication Channels.

  4. If you do doble click at the thir blue line you will download the current status of the all channel in order save it as backup and you can update this same status in the future.

  5. If you do doble click at the yellow line you will upload and update the previus status downloaded.


It is necessary the communication channel has the

control data in the communication channel monitor in External

Configuration and Monitoring Home / Monitoring / Communication Channel Monitor 



With this program we can manage our communication channel from another easy way.


Thanks for reading.


Freddy Valderrama

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