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This blog describes the Outage Procedure in PI:

This information will further helps us in doing better PI Outage Activity.

I request you to go through the below information.

Stop Communication Channels:

List all the Production Communication Channels current started or stopped in Excel Sheet.

Please stop all channels with START status and highlighted in green.

Note: Take a note of all the channels that are already stopped in the System (Take Screen Shot)

Step 1:

Before outage :

1. Stop all the sender channels

2. Analyze in sxmb_moni, sm58, smq1, smq2 and make sure all the messages are processed successfully.

3. Analyze in sxmb_moni_bpe the status of all bpm and make sure all are in status completed. (In case of, BPM)

4. Stop all the receiver channels.

Note: Take screen shots or Print screen after stopping the channels "

Start Communication Channels:

Start receiver channel  RFC  and make sure it is not in error.

Note: Do not Start the channels that were stopped before the outage activity

Step 2:

After outage :

1. Start all other receiver channels first and make sure all are error free.

2. Start Sender channels one by one and make sure all are error free.

3. After the outage please check if Communication channels in RWB are polling correctly with latest time stamp. Check all Sender file communication channels polling.

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