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The SAP XI Conversion Agent provides a library of XML EDIFACT metadata required for the conversion and the mappings  a tool to develop and deploy the conversion of native Edifact message into XML EDIFACT

Assumption: The installation of SAP Conversion Agent is completed.

If this is not the case please refer to the weblog How to get started using Conversion Agent from Itemfield written by William Li.

For additional background information on SAP XI / SAP Conversion Agent integration you can also read the weblog of Alexander Bundschuh

Integrate SAP Conversion Agent by Itemfield with SAP XI. The implementation consists of the following tasks:- Create a Content Master Studio Project- Deploy the Content Master Project to the XI Server- Import the EDIFACT schema to the XI repository- Create XI Repository Objects- Create XI Directory Objects

1.Create a Content Master Studio Project.
2.Deploy the service directly from Content Master Studio
3.The service name entered at this stage will be used later in the Adapter Module configuration to invokethe EDIFACT to XML conversion.
4.Create the mapping(EDI to file or EDI to Idoc.
5.Once the conversion agent service is deployed, we can call it from within any adapter that runs on SAP XI adapter engine by using the EJB module:ocalejbs/ the module tab.
6.Module name and the parameter TransformationName has to be set to the service that has been deployed before.
7. Refesh the adapter engine cache (CPA cache, delta and full cache refresh).

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