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SAP roadmap continues to demonstrate a commitment to the region


Since the middle of October of 2014, SAP has released the solution framework and customization components for Peru e-Invoicing localization. This offers customers a localized data interchange solution to integrate the ERP directly with the SUNAT (Peruvian Tax Authority) services or via a partner/provider.

The data interchange localization solution is in part due to a major policy change by SUNAT in the country of Peru.

In December 2013, the SUNAT, through superintendence resolution Nº 374-2013/SUNAT, announced the first group of Peru-based companies that must issue invoices electronically.  The new ruling lists and mandates over 200 large enterprises to start issuing CPEs (Comprobante de Pago Electrónico) or e-Invoices first of October 2014.   

E-Invoicing has been offered in Peru since 2010 with over 5000 entities registered on a voluntary basis until now.  The new regulation follows the trend seen in other important economies in LATAM that provide mandatory rulings that ultimately improve fiscal control and reduce overall administrative costs. 

Here is a link with the current list.

The selection criteria have not been published and there is no specific date or schedule of when a new list will be issued or the amount of time the SUNAT will provide for the new set of entities to comply.  Early adoption is recommended not only for the benefits of electronic management but also to hedge against this type of unpredictability and exposure to non-compliance.

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