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I have discussed BPM importing into OPInt scenarios and configurations in my previous blog SAP Operational Process Intelligence with SAP BPM – Visualization and Monitoring (Part 1)

And also discussed some additional features in my blog SAP Operational Process Intelligence with SAP BPM – Advance Features (Part 2).


     1. Fiori Launchpad Configuration.

     2. Smart Business Applications / KPI Modeler.

     3. Basics of HANA Views and XSODATA.

I'm going to discuss how we can create / configure KPI tiles using OPInt scenario measures.

We know that OPInt generates calculation views and xsodata files for most of the scenario artefacts. So if SAP Fiori is deployed on SAP Business Suite, which runs on HANA, then we can use all calculation views exposed via xsodata directly in Fiori Launchpad.

So we can create KPI tiles using OPInt measures like ON_TIME, AT_RISK and ON_TIME etc. If we want to access any of the measures available in OPInt Scenario, then we have to expose them via xsodata with odata4sap annotation to be consumed in KPI Modeler.

A. Steps to expose OPInt measures:

     1.     Open Eclipse/HANA Studio / Web Workbench

     2.     Open SAP HANA Development and navigate to your workspace.

     3.     Create new .xsapp and .xsaccess files (If you have already created these for other purposes, then we can skip this step)

     4.     Create new .xsodata file

     5.     Service and annotations to expose the PR_VIEW with alias name.

B.Consume OPInt Measures in Fiori Launchpad:

     6.     Logon to SAP Fiori Launchpad

     7.     Create KPI with Calculation view as data source exposed in previous steps.

     8.     Add Evaluation and configure KPI tile

Below is an example we've developed for a Retail scenario, OPInt dashboard image:


Measures ON_TRACK (5), CRITICAL (299) and AT_RISK (0) are exposed and created as a KPI tile, See the image below that shows the same measure values in a Fiori Launchpad tile:



OPInt is very user friendly, interactive and opens a whole new set of opportunities, breaking many technical boundaries and giving business visibility and control of the underlying workflow/processes. The 3 main objectives of SAP OPInt are:

     1. Process transparency

     2. Limitless scenario transparency

     3. Insight to action.

If we have business processes or business workflows or some other tool to execute the business processes and also HANA platform available, then it will be a good idea to grab this component as well to add more value to Business. Apart from using the business processes in OPInt, we can also develop the OPInt biz scenarios based on the transactional data by adding some manual points/events. If your transactional data resides in external sources then use SAP Data services or SAP SLT to replicate (real-time) the data from source system to HANA system.

Finally, I can say it is a great tool for business users to oversee the business processes at a high level, without having technical knowledge. It is also a good tool for developers because it is very simple and requires less effort to develop.

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