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With April coming to an end, the session proposals for the SAP Online Track are closed. Time to start the preparations for your presentation! This can either be a PowerPoint slide deck, a Reveal.js presentation or something totally unique that pops-out in the creative mind of the Community members.

Creating presentations may be a little uncomfortable for some presenters. While they were super enthusiastic during the proposal of their session, they can feel the stress kicking-in now. Some of them love those preparations and will get an amazing result, while others are having a hard time. It kinda feels like a “Let the Games begin” scenario.

Let me tell you one thing, it does not have to feel like this! EVERYBODY can make AMAZING slides/presentations and since we are a COMMUNITY, we like to help each other! That’s why I love to share the following “SAP Online Track - Reveal.js Template” with all of you. This to help you get started in building your awesome Reveal.js presentation! It contains some self-explaining example slides, and what slides you can possibly show. All wrapped in an SAP Online Track look and feel.


The SAP Online Track - Reveal.js template can be found under the "❤️-the-lounge" on the SAP Online Track Discord server.

If you are a speaker and you did not gain access to the SAP Online track Discord Server yet, you can request access via the following link:

SAP Online Track Discord server invite -

Once invited a lot to share and of course access to the template!

The Reveal.js template has the following template structure, content and is totally open for your own creative input. Way more template slides and cool features such as Font Awesome available in the template. Make it rock!

Inside the template all the html and CSS has been provided and can be easily reused. Remember it is all about your creativity, and everyone can make awesome slides! Feel free to build your PowerPoint slides the same way as this Reveal.js template.

It’s only to help you all, if you are searching for a way to get started. If you prefer to use your own template or other cool creative ways, please do. It is just shared to help those who like to work with an existing template.


We are all in this together!

I can’t wait to see your awesome results on the SAP Online Track Event the 30th of May!

Good luck and see you then!

Kind regards,


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