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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hello dear SAP Community.

The team behind the SAP Online Track is slowly coming to terms with what we achieved over this passing weekend. We managed to host an event for 24 hours handled by an incredible team of volunteer moderators and speakers.  We were using VM's on Azure (Thanks Microsoft for the free trial credits) to stream the content and could handle that behind the scenes with just the 6 of us.

The event went fairly smoothly and we had only minor issues with some presentations, which the presenters have decided to record again for better quality. Thanks!!!

Our Youtube Channel has more than 1200 subscribers and is growing continuously, the twitter account has 667 followers at this present moment.

We have a playlist with 65 odd videos for your consumption (It says 77, but some have been reuploaded).

Our content has already been streamed more than 1400 hours (That is stunning).

We have raised more than $2400 in our fundraiser for Girls Who Code and have claimed the second spot in the global fundraising for this campaign. It's still not too late to help us become number one and support a great cause.

The feedback from the community has been truly amazing and inspiring for the team to continue our endeavor.

So where to from here?

Well as you might expect we aren't going to do these 24 hour events once a month 😉

For now, we know there are a few people in the SAP community who have started doing live streaming. We would be happy to support these people by allowing them to stream through our platform to reach more people in the SAP  Community, just get in touch, our twitter account can be messaged even though we aren't following you.

If you might feel inspired by the many speakers, who took a leap of faith and did a presentation for this event in a completely new way, then please join them and create content either by live-streaming or recordings that you can then upload to us and we will publish the content on our channel so it lives on beyond this event.

We want the discord server to live on as a community where people can join in on online workshops/live presentations through our unconference channels. Virtual stammtisch / Tech Nights comes to mind.

Please consider our code of conduct as well as our aim to have no content that promotes individual third party products to promote sales. We have a knowledge-sharing platform and we intend to stay that way.


Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!!!

We do this for the SAP Community because we love it and it's a huge part of our private and professional lives.

We will continue with this platform and we are continuously considering options on how to improve. Please comment if you have any ideas or suggestions.


From the team behind the SAP Online Track

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