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If you are curious like me, you always wanted an SAP sandbox that you could mess around, or maybe you just want some place for your side projects or to contribute to open source ABAP projects such as abapGit.

Then, perhaps you checked how to install SAP NetWeaver using a virtual machine and the process is way too long. Well, I will not provide you find a magic button that does it all, but rather a quick and repeatable way to build your environment.

Vagrant, as per Wikipedia, is an open-source software product for building and maintaining portable virtual software development environments. In my case, I created a vagrant script that runs on VirtualBox with Ubuntu.

This script installs all the OS dependencies, sets up the environment variables and automatically installs NetWeaver - given some prerequisites and configuration. Without further due:

Find here a step-by-step on how to install your sandbox using vagrant.

Special thanks to tobias.hoffmann NetWeaver on docker - I forked his repo to create this one. If you find anything wrong, please open an issue in the repository!

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